Don’t we all want to live a healthy life?  Well here are few tips to live it.

#1 Drink a lot of water every day

Doesn’t everybody say that? And even after that we often forget to drink it because of our busy schedule? Well it is time to make time for drinking water.
Believe you me you will feel better within a week.



Make a habit of drinking at least 10 glasses of water every day. Consume more water before 5 pm rather than after it.

#2 Wake up and sleep early every day

Waking up early has scientifically proven to lead towards a better and healthy life. If you wake up at 9 every day start by waking up at 8:30 every day and then gradually reduced it to 6:30.
Waking up early can lead to a successful career too. It increases your brain efficiency and works towards betterment of your life.



Sleeping early can get your brain well rested after a tiring work day. And also if you wake up early you tend to be sleepy around 10pm

#3 Exercise

You need to exercise at least 3 times a week to have a healthy life. Exercise for 21 days at least and then you will make a habit for it.



There is a lot of food that needs exercise to digest. Also female body takes more time to digest food than male. So don’t sit back ladies!  Work it out for a better body!

#4 Avoid Junk Food.

Once in a while is fine but eating a lot of it is dangerously harmful.
People who consume a lot of junk food have more chances of getting diseases than those who don’t. Junk food can cause Obesity.
Obesity is not same as being overweight; it is more harmful than being overweight as it increases the level of body fat.



Junk food can also lead to heart disease and stress.

#5 Meditation

Meditation, a cure for almost every problem. It can reduce stress, anxiety, depression etc.
It can improve your concentration, confidence, get you mind relaxed, make you positive, etc.



Meditate for 15 minutes every day at least. Meditation works like nothing else. It will give you a way to get out of your problems.