Tattoo Artist
Tattoo Artist

A tattoo artist needs much more than a creative vision and a steady hand to create amazing designs day after day. They often possess various characteristics that enable them to work to a high standard for many hours without complaint. If you are a pro looking to expand your skills or a newbie considering entering the field, you should learn about the experts’ habits and traits. Here are five things experienced tattoo artists do.

1. They Use High-Quality Tools

Any tattoo artist worth their salt wouldn’t be seen with low-quality equipment, as it will affect their designs, customer satisfaction, and industry reputation. For this reason, the best of the best only use tools they can rely on, such as lightweight, wireless, and innovative tattoo machines, for dependable results. The better quality your equipment is, the better quality your designs will be. It’s that simple.

2. They Seek Inspiration from Other Artists

The most successful artists in the world seek inspiration from others. For example, Duchamp’s L.H.O.O.Q was inspired by Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The best tattoo artists are no different, as they continue to learn from other artists without limitation. Studying other artists’ works could inspire you to change your style, improve your attention to detail, or change your techniques. Seeking inspiration from others will help you become a better tattoo artist, as you could develop new ideas and learn more about yourself, your strengths, and your weaknesses.

3. They Understand Their Limits

Traditional artists can throw away a piece of paper and start over, but a tattoo artist doesn’t have this luxury. For this reason, the most successful tattoo artists have a firm understanding of their limits, ensuring they don’t make a mistake during a design. By being honest with themselves about their skills, they will know when to accept or refuse a tattoo design request.

4. They Care for Their Health

Sitting in the same spot for many hours can be demanding on the most experienced tattoo artist’s mind and body. As back pain and mental fatigue are real problems in the field, every tattoo artist must care for their health each day.

For example, deadlifts at the gym can prevent awful back pain, which often strikes due to hunching when completing a tattoo. Also, they avoid poor concentration and fatigue by following a healthy diet to improve their focus and mental and physical energy. If a tattoo artist cares for their body, it will return the favor when spending many back-breaking hours at work.

5. They Have Endless Patience

Patience is a virtue, especially as a tattoo artist. After all, they must remain calm and friendly when dealing with difficult or rowdy clients, and they won’t feel frustrated when an indecisive customer spends hours picking from designs. In addition to being cool, calm, and collected, they’ll need considerable patience and motivation to focus 100% of their energy on a tattoo design that may take many hours. It is a skill you can’t teach but can be practiced by the individual.

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