Irony: “Please submit your ideas to me today so I can submit them as my own tomorrow”.

#The Screamer Boss

Image Courtesy: Giphy

He’s just the kind who feels to get away with work with his raised voice. The higher the volume, the higher the commitment. Getting along in time with him can have the power to lower him.

#The Bumbler Boss

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They are the kind of boss who when promoted, take the notorious way to promote the people underneath them. At your end why not help you both climb up? You aren’t anyway responsible for what happens at the top.

#The Buddy Boss

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He’s just the kind who would act more like your friend than a superior. Gelling up well isn’t really a tough job but hanging out with him at working hours can keep you awake till late. He but is a reminiscence even after you leave the company.

#The Idiot Boss

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This homosapien comes along just as if he walked into the office yesterday and started running it. Working for him makes you believe the saying strongly “Common sense it not so common in all common men”. But anyway the world is full of idiots in charge so be it.

#The Perfectionist.

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He is the minute observer of all details at the work and is obsessed which would make you doubt your abilities. His expectations are sky-high but he can be a precise guide to your learning.

Nevertheless, every boss started as a worker, stop not chasing your dreams that is what will keep you alive.

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