If you want to grow on Twitter then there are different ways of promoting on the platform. A lot of people get legit Twitter likes from Reviewsxp.com as a promotion technique to gain more engagement. 

If you want to gain 1000 followers on Twitter then we have some of the best tips for you. These tips will help you get the fundamentals of tweeting right and fast-track your growth.

Up Your Tweet Frequency

This is one of the first things to notice when you want to grow and increase engagement on Twitter. Many people also purchase cheap Twitter followers for promotion. To boost your visibility and to gain more exposure on any social media you have to post more frequently. 

Today, people already have tons of accounts they follow who post content regularly. So, if you are starting and you want to get a lot of followers on Twitter quickly, you cannot do that by posting once in a while. 

You can even post multiple times a day. Some brands post 2 to 3 times a day. The idea is to stay in the minds of the followers. 

This way when they see a tweet they can engage with it. The more you tweet and the more type of content you bring to your viewers can make them want to look for your tweets on their feed which is what you want to gain more engagement on Twitter.

Schedule and Time Your Tweets

In addition, to post more often on Twitter you have to take care of the times you post during the day. It can often be very hard to gain engagement on your Tweets if you are tweeting at a time when your target audience is not active or is not going to be active for quite a while. 

If you gain engagement on your tweets then you will gain less exposure and thus, your growth will slow down. So, you have to learn to time your tweets throughout the day. You need to post at a time when you are generally going to get more engagement. 

Understand the pattern of Twitter engagement in your niche. You will find research and analysis on the net. That should be your starting point. Then begin to monitor the engagement you are getting by posting at different times of the day. 

This way you can figure out at which times you are getting more engagement and then schedule your tweets to get posted at those times. Some tools can help you auto-schedule tweets.

Be Less ‘Salesy’

If you are hoping to gain more eyes on your brand using Twitter and want to gain more followers then you have to stop selling or marketing your brand or product all the time via your tweets. 

Yes, social media platforms are platforms for brands to target users but users are never going to follow profiles that just show them ads about products and services. People log into social media platforms to enjoy or pass their time looking at interesting, engaging or entertaining content. So, you have to provide them with tweets that are engaging to them. So, research your target audience and look at the kind of tweets that they generally engage with. Understand what other brands in your niche are succeeding with Twitter marketing. 

This will give you some idea of what kind of tweets to use to reel in more followers. Try to only promote yourself in 20 to 30% of tweets. Then also, try to be more on the entertaining side rather than a pure hard sell.


Understanding how to use hashtags can often help in boosting your online visibility helping you gain more followers. But that doesn’t mean that you start spamming every popular hashtag. Adding two to three hashtags is generally recommended. 

Adding more than that can often result in a drop in engagement and the tweet ends up appearing more like spam. This means that you not only have to use fewer hashtags in your tweets but also use the most optimal ones for better growth. 

Here too, research can help. You can figure out which Hashtags are used in your niche by other successful brands. Look at the tweets that people in your niche are engaging with and look at the hashtags in them. 

Next, using a research tool check the difficulty to compete, volume and reach of these hashtags and start using them in your tweets. Then analyze which ones are giving the best results. You can also use custom and branded hashtags for special campaigns which bring us to the next tip.

Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are good ways to gain engagement on your tweets which can lead to more reach and visibility on social media platforms. It is also a good way to interact and engage with your audience while giving something to them for their support. 

You can easily create a campaign hashtag and run a contest around it. Pick the top tweets and then send them the prize. The main idea is to gain user-generated content and a lot of publicity.

So, these were some of the ways you can fix and modify your strategy to start growing on Twitter and gain 1000 followers. Be patient and consistent and focus on creating engaging content more than just promotion. We wish you all the best.

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