A storage unit’s humidity and temperature are monitored by climate control. The term is utilised in various ways by storage companies. To keep your belongings in storage for longer, the general idea is that there is some sort of monitoring system in place (temperature, humidity, or both).

Renting a storage unit from trusted storage companies is among the most effective ways to keep your belongings safe for a few days, a few months, or even several years. The top self-storage units in the Columbus, Ohio distinguish themselves from the competition by providing superior security, clean units, facilities that are accessible to many people, and top-notch customer service.

Your items are kept in a perfect environment and won’t be harmed during the storage period thanks to a climate-controlled unit. Numerous businesses will offer you top-notch climate-controlled units. Let’s examine the performance of the top 5 climate-controlled self-storage businesses.

What qualities should a top self-storage companies possess?

  • Low prices- Pricing is important. Find a inexpensive self-storage facility that won’t cost you the earth.
  • Reviews- Look for a business that gets rave reviews from clients. Low prices don’t mean as much if businesses have obnoxious customer service agents or charge hidden fees.
  • Security focused– To protect your belongings, the majority of storage facility operators use security measures like alarms and gates that require a password. However, only a small number of businesses outline all of their security features. What you want to find is a self-storage facility with up-to-date security measures, plenty of lighting, and clean storage spaces.
  • Locations- Low prices and great reviews are useless if you can’t locate a facility close by. Finding a self-storage company with at least 1,200 locations is something we strongly advise (the industry average).

1.    Extra Space Storage

In the USA, Extra Space is the second largest self-storage company. They have previously grown rapidly, and as a result, they now have more than 1,700 locations nationwide. The public adores Extra Space Storage as one of the best self storage companies.

Even though it charges more than average, customers still give it ratings that are one full star higher than those of most other businesses. These units are climate-controlled, which means that the humidity and temperature are managed to prevent mould growth and destruction of your belongings.

  • More than 2,000 locations in the country
  • Monthly fees for small and medium-sized units that are reasonably priced
  • A variety of amenities for units and buildings
  • Available are extended and lowered height units.

2.   U-Haul

Security systems, online reservations, month-to-month rentals, and other features particular to each market are all provided by U-Haul. In addition to providing moving boxes and rental trucks, U-Haul also gives its clients the option of self-storage. 

You can take care of all of your moving needs at U-Haul by renting a moving truck or a moving container, purchasing moving boxes and other supplies, scheduling moving labour services, and more.

  • Available across the nation
  • Units with climate control
  • 24/7 access is available at some facilities
  • There are no admin costs or deposits

3.    CubeSmart

It now has more than 1,200 locations spread across 40 states since its inception. CubeSmart is dedicated to sustainability and minimising its environmental impact, which is why the company has upgraded its HVAC systems, installed solar panels, and finished high-efficiency lighting retrofits at many of its locations.

You can save money with CubeSmart. The company offers a wide range of climate-controlled storage units in addition to having prices that are roughly 15% lower than the industry standard. This makes it simpler for you to find the perfect fit and keeps you from having to pay for a bigger unit than you need.

  • Relatively low monthly costs
  • Extended hours for customer access

4.    Public Storage

Public storage dominates the storage market because it is widespread. The business is very well-established and has owned about 170 million square feet of rentable storage space. It has been in this business for about 50 years.

In addition to traditional outdoor drive-up storage, Public Storage also provides first-floor units, elevator access, and climate control. Customers who need to store cars, boats, or RVs can take advantage of the company’s extensive selection of parking storage options.

  • Available at many locations
  • Several storage unit sizes
  • First-month discounts

5.   Life Storage

This company operates more than 750 self-storage facilities across more than 28 states in the union. Officially, it is referred to as Uncle Bob’s Self Storage. Customers at Life Storage receive their first month free and can choose from various amenities and storage unit sizes.

Although this company is not yet as big as Public Storage or Extra Space Storage, it is expanding quickly and is now regarded as one of the biggest self-storage companies in the world. The units have extended access hours, controlled humidity, and month-to-month rental options.

  • Most varieties of climate-controlled storage spaces
  • Some facilities offer free truck rentals.

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