Trying new experiences is one of the most rewarding targets to set yourself for the year. It gives you the opportunity to develop fresh interests, meet new people, and even see the world from a different perspective.

Of course, trying new activities is easier said than done. There are limitless different experiences to try and only a finite amount of time to do it in. 

Therefore, it is worth having some ideas in mind before you start spending lots of money on one activity. After all, you want to know that you have chosen the right experience.

Here are five activities worth trying in 2022:

Book in regular massages

One of the most rewarding experiences worth trying in 2022 is a massage.

This is a great idea because it can help you on many different fronts.

Firstly, and most obviously, massages can be incredibly relaxing and are perfect if you have been feeling stressed lately and fancy a refresh.

Furthermore, Potters Bar massage can seriously help with your mental health because it help to enter a more conscious state, free of chatter and nagging thoughts. 

Join a fitness class

Another great experience that will pay you back handsomely is joining a fitness class.

Fitness classes, whether dance-orientated like Zumba or more intense HIIT routines, are a brilliant way of improving your physical health and creating the physique of your dreams without ever really feeling like you are enduring a grueling workout. 

This is partly due to the social aspect of classes. You are surrounded by like-minded people, most of whom are happy to chat and share any fitness tips they might have. You will also be led by an expert instructor who can give you constant guidance about your exercise form, as well as provide a morale booster when needed.

Try cold shower therapy

If you are looking for a more extreme activity to try, you might be interested in cold water therapy, which boasts a number of reputed health benefits, and is rapidly growing in popularity. 

Immersing yourself in freezing cold water doesn’t sound like fun – and it isn’t – but it can give you an incredible adrenaline rush afterward. 

The easiest way to try cold water therapy is by running yourself an ice-cold shower or bath and gradually staying under the water for longer each time.

You could even start by having a warm shower and then switching it to cold water at the end. It might be a shock, but your body will thank you in the long term.

Go traveling by yourself

Traveling is easily one of the most spectacular activities to spend more time doing in 2022. Whether you are immersing yourself in a foreign culture on the other side of the globe or sunning yourself by a pool somewhere warm, traveling caters to all tastes.

It is best to try a shorter journey closer to home to begin with, followed by more ambitious treks across the world once you have built your confidence and experience levels up.

Meditate on a daily basis

Alternatively, if you are looking to improve your mindfulness and lead a more calming life, meditation is a brilliant activity to start practicing.

The reason for this is simple: meditation has been recognized as one of the most effective ways of tapping into your inner consciousness, quieting your mind, reducing stress, and becoming more perceptive of your surroundings for thousands of years.

There are many variants of meditation, so experiment with different techniques to see what works best for you.