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24 Super Adorable Funnies That Prove Love Is About The Little Snippets Of Fellowship

Love is not getting hearts or roses consistently for your accomplice. Affection doesn’t require epic blessings or penances, yet it develops when you share the least complex of things and live these minutes with your accomplice. Adoration is cooking supper for your accomplice on a Wednesday night, sitting together on Sunday nighttimes with some espresso, investigating the same old things with your accomplice, battling about minor issues.

Sometimes, love can be found in the simplest things, like spending a blissful morning in the kitchen

You can be in the same room without having to do everything together

It is hugging each other accidentally while sleeping

Even the most mundane tasks are more fun when you do them together

Even shopping for food can be exciting

True love means putting everything aside just to hug

The biggest dilemma is often what to eat for dinner

Even if you’re feeling a bit blue, there’s always someone that will hold your hand

Love is about the little things

Happiness is when both of you read in bed after an exceptionally tiring day

Building IKEA furniture is like playing with LEGO when it’s just the two of you

Sometimes, you have to ask hard questions

Cooking together often becomes the most challenging and the most fun task

Even the tiniest problems matter to your loved one

It’s having those long talks in bed about everything and anything

It’s when you know your favorite cuddling positions

It’s having a favorite cafe, where only you two matter

The cold autumn wind can’t touch you because your heart always stays warm

Love means knowing when you need to say sorry

There is nothing more comfortable than falling asleep on your loved one’s lap

It is about exploring new things, even if it’s just your neighborhood park

It’s knowing that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise that moves us along

As long as both of you are headed the same way…

…Everything will be just fine

Philippa Rice is a craftsman and writer of the book Soppy, who made straightforward yet significant affection funnies about living with somebody you adore. She tells basic things like an embrace, a cuddle, completing the tiring day in your arms can fortify your adoration.

More info: Amazon | philippajrice.com | FB | Twitter (h/t: brightside, designyoutrust)



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