Shirley Jackson is the American author, who composed significant scary fiction with inner profundity, and cyclical tropes to enlarge the Perseus’s view of the real world and life. She shook the limits of what’s genuine. Her composition demonstrates an overabundance, an abundance that spills from the domains or reality and adventures beyond reality.

Recently, her novel, The Haunting of Hill House was rethought into a Netflix TV show, and it won (and terrified) the hell out of the considerable number of hearts. Here are a few pearls from The Haunting and some of her other works.


"When shall  we live if not  now?"


"If you don't like my peaches, don't shake my tree."


"Journeys end in lovers meeting."


"Poor strangers, they have so much to be afraid of."


"The essence of the story is motion."


"In delay there lies no plenty."


"We eat the  year away: We eat the spring and the summer and the fall. We wait for something to grow and then we eat it."


"You never know what you are going to want until you see it clearly."


"To learn what we fear is to learn who we are. Horror defies our boundaries and illuminates our souls."


"We have grown to trust blindly in our senses of balance and reason, and I can see where the mind might fight wildly to preserve its own familiar stable patterns against all evidence that it was leaning sideways."


"Fear is the relinquishment of logic, the willing relinquishing of reasonable patterns. We yield to it or we fight it, but we cannot meet it halfway."


"I think we  are only afraid  of ourselves... of seeing ourselves clearly and without disguise."


"No live organism can continue for long  to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality."


"So long as you write it away regularly nothing can really hurt you."


"There are  spots which inevitably attach to themselves  an atmosphere of holiness and gooodness."


"It is abominable  to need something so badly that you cannot picture living without it."


"Slowly the pattern of our  days grew, and  shaped itself into a happy life."


"A pretty sight, a lady with a book."


"In the country of the story the writer is king."


"Am I walking toward something I should be running away from?"


"I delight in what I fear."