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21 Malicious Problems That Every Girlfriend Should Be Aware Of Only To Seems Their Boyfriend Happy …

Man is most vulnerable creature on this planet whose needs to his girlfriend though are very basic but funny also. Having a beautiful, sweet, innocent girl in his life is his diamond kind of dream. But when this dream stood in front of him in form of real existence then suddenly he started getting annoying. Being annoyed is not bad, but getting annoying on such unsolvable problem is too whimsy. Dear woman, just explore these points just to get rid your man from annoying…

1.Stop Behaving Like A Mother… I Am Not A Kid!

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When your boyfriend is able enough to fulfill all your dreams and needs then obviously how can be a kid. Darling! Don’t ever try to being her mother.

2.Close Your Detective Eyes When Using My Phone…

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Though your urge of check his phone is too extreme but just don’t look over incoming/outgoing, messages, mails of him or either output is face by you only.

3.I know You Are Going Through Heavy And Painful Days, But Don’t Make Current Period Too Heavy By Your Periods…

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Though she is in intolerable pain and he will understand her irritation and annoyingness but he can’t help her in any other way. Don’t know what she exactly wants from him.

4.Not Free All The Day That Will Receive Your Calls 24*7…

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Girls usually want a target only for having spicy chitchat and when she is not able find anyone then that bechara bakra is finally her boyfriend.

5.Calling Is Best Option Than Texting, So Please Concentrate More On Phone Calls Instead Of texting…

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Who will sit for long just to wait for single message or reply of that? Whether you agree or not, boys are too bad at texting.

6.Don’t Try To Get Me Manipulate With Crazy Talks, Just Be Straight Forward…

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Boys are boys, they never put their efforts to understand you only by unidirectional statements so being a straight forward lover is good option.

7.I Am Not A Joker, Who Will Laugh All The Day Even On Serious Issues…

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Instead of a woman, he is the man who has to suffer a lot from every side either it’s his family or girlfriend. So he can’t put smile on his face whole day. Please cooperate darling.

8.I Really Don’t Like Your Connection With Your Male Friends…

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Like a boyfriend will decline all his girl’s connection then why not girlfriends do so to make him happy.

9.Everyone Needs Space In Their Life, Even A Girl Too… Then Why Would Not Me?

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True fact it is girls need space but they think that space is only requirement of females not for males. But they are wrong.

10.Stop Pampering Me In Front Of Public; It Will Look Like A Childish Act…

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Definitely your shone is not a kid enough that you starts pampering him in public area. Tons of pampering at wrong situation made situation embarrassing for your boyfriend.

11.Baby Whether You Go Too Fat Or Thin, My Love Will Be Same; So Stop Bothering Me.

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Girls are too anxious about their weight and size just to avoid the factor of ugliness and this anxiousness will irritate him to extreme extent. After all, he loves you not your body.

12.Shopping Is Not The Ultimate Solution Of Any Problem…

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Red cheeks are mark attendance on every girl face after hearing one word ‘shopping’. But according to boyfriends things need to be resolved but not by shopping.

13.‘I Love You’… Not Necessary To Say Every Time…

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Love will not increase by 1-2% if express 24*7 by saying only one sentence ‘I love You’. But she will never understand.

14.We Love When You Dressed Up According To Our Wish…

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It’s a dream of every lover boy that her princess will look like real princess after wearing the dress of his choice. This will increase love between both and he will get satisfied too.

15.Why Don’t You Understand That We Can’t Give Divorce To Sports…

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Sport ship is running in veins of males. It’s a kind of blood relation but every lady wants him to stay away from sports may be because she feel jealous.

16.We Too Cry But We Never Use Our Tears As Emotional Weapon…

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Tears Tears all around and flood is almost about to come just to make him emotional blackmail. But he is human being too, he is also having tears, but he never does so.

17.Like You Need Us, Same Like We Also Expect From You But We Got A Zero…

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When needed support from a guy, girl really feel to secure, strong from inside but like her he will also need her lady at most of stages of life but he always remain with imaginary support from her.

18.I Am Not A Toy Who Is Built For Serve Only Purpose i.e. ‘Taking Initiative After Every Issue’…

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But are sharing equal space in a relation but why it is necessary that after every fight boyfriend need to take to initiative whether he is right or wrong. Poor man…

19.Extra Sweetness At Wrong Time May Lead To Diabetes…

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Situation may be worst many time but she will never understand and start acting in childish way by exploring more and more sweetness, at last result in non-solvable issues.

20.Past Is Now Past… Why Always In Mood To Digging It?

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Desperately digging past of him is not a salutary step that you that you are taking. Everyone has a past, may be you too. Then why you let him and your relation to suffer due to his past.

21.I Am Not Scaring Any Other Girl… Suddenly She Come At My Face, How Can I Ignore?

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It’s not possible that your man always looks at you whole day, for whole lifetime. So take it easy baby.

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