A splendid theoretical physicist, cosmologist, top of the line creator and popular culture wonder that gave insight into numerous riddles of the universe, mysteries of the cosmos, and the nature of time, Stephen Hawking breathed out motivation with each breath he took. He is viewed as the best theoretical physicist since Albert Einstein.

With twenty-one years of age and an entire life in front of him, he was determined to have motor neuron disease known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), normally known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, which causes dynamic degeneration of nerve cells. The illness completely paralyzed him and constrained him into a wheelchair with a PC generated voice synthesizer as a method of communication.

Here’s a little flashback on the life of this virtuoso alongside a few useful words of wisdom. These quotes are great to give you a kick-start towards your ambitions!


"We are all different,  but we share the same human  spirit. Perhaps it’s human  nature that we adapt  and survive."


"Even if it turns out that  time travel is impossible, it is  important that we understand  why it is impossible."


"My advice to other disabled  people would be, concentrate on  things your disability doesn't  prevent you from doing well  and don't regret the things it  interferes with.”


"I was not a good student.  I did not spend much time at  college; I was too busy  enjoying myself."


"Scientists have become the  bearers of the torch of  discovery in our quest for  knowledge."


"People won't have time for  you if you are always angry  or complaining."


"Look up at the stars and not  down at your feet. Try to make  sense of what you see, and  wonder about what makes the  universe exist. Be curious."


"Because without  imperfection, neither  you nor I would exist."


"Not only does God  play dice, but he sometimes  throws them where they  cannot be seen."


"Intelligence is the  ability to adapt to change."


"Quiet people have the  loudest minds."


"I have noticed even people  who claim everything is  predestined, and that we can  do nothing to change it, look  before they cross the road."


"Life would be tragic  if it weren’t funny."


"We only have to look at  ourselves to see how intelligent  life might develop into  something we wouldn’t want  to meet."


"Nothing cannot exist forever."


"I'm not afraid  of death, but I'm in  no hurry to die. I have  so much I want  to do first."


"No one can resist the  idea of a crippled genius."


"There is a fundamental  difference between religion,  which is based on authority,  and science, which is based on  observation and reason.  Science will win because  it works."


"There probably is no heaven  and no afterlife either.  We have this one life to  appreciate the grand design  of the universe."


“My expectations were  reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has  been a bonus.”


"However bad life  may seem, there is always  something you can do."