There are thousands — nay, millions — of romantic movies already out there, and yet people can’t stop making new ones every year. It’s probably because stories about love will always resonate with the audience — almost every one of us has at some point and in some form experienced this wonderful, complicated feeling.

And so Getzkick lovingly chose for you 20 movies: they’re were made in different times and are from different genres, but each of them tells an unforgettable tale of true love.

50 First Dates

Columbia Pictures Corporation

Henry Roth falls in love with the charming Lucy. Despite a few minor bumps, our persistent Romeo manages to get a date and a promise of mutual sympathy from the lady by the end of the day. The young couple are happy and sure that their love will last forever. Alas, the next morning Lucy doesn’t seem to remember any of it. Just like she won’t remember this day tomorrow. And again…And again. A nasty car accidents tend to do this to people’s brains. But Henry is not going to give up! Even if he will have to make Lucy fall in love with him anew every single day for the rest of their lives.

Magic in the Moonlight

Gravier Productions

This fresh ironic tale sees a seasoned but arrogant illusionist, Stanley, boldly embark on a quest to expose a young pretty spiritualist for the phony she undoubtedly is. Living with his old friend at a Côte d’Azur mansion, Sophie claims she can contact the dead and read people’s fortunes. Oh, and her gifts are very probably real, so hold on to that unshakable scepticism of yours, Stanley, hold on tight…

Pretty Woman

Touchstone Pictures

Divorced fortysomething millionaire Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) meets a prostitute, Vivian (Julia Roberts), right in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard and offers her a lot of money for a few nights spent with him. This meeting will change their lives forever. A classic fairy tale reimagined, this light-hearted story about an unlikely romance will touch even the coldest of hearts.

AmourWega Film

Wega Film

Georges and Anne are deep into their eighties, and their marriage is perfect. But one day Anne suffers a debilitating stroke, loses her memory and becomes completely paralysed. She loves him and wants him to let her go; he loves her and wants to share in her suffering. There’s nothing they can’t overcome as long as they’re together and possess the greatest power on earth — the power of true love.

The Notebook

New Line Cinema

Get your tissues ready. This achingly tender love story, read out loud by an elderly man every morning for a woman that has no idea what it means, won’t end with the closing credits. It will follow you, leaving a bittersweet aftertaste; it will keep you up at night, till you hopelessly fall in love with it. Just like Noah and Allie. Because ’the best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.’


20th Century Fox

Titanic… Just remembering this film will turn you into one big goosebump of emotions. ’I’m flying, Jack!’ And although the unsinkable giant might’ve tragically gone under the water, we’ll never forget the story of a fragile, tender first love that happened against the backdrop of this unthinkable catastrophe.

Il Bisbetico Domato

Capital Film

One of the lesser known but very worthy retro romcoms, ’Il Bisbetico Domato’ sees Ornella Muti try to tame a grouchy farmer called Elia (Adriano Celentano). Witty banter and quotable catchphrases guaranteed.


Paramount Pictures

Love and death go hand in hand in ’Ghost,’ and love is to blame. It’s a rare thing to see this feeling imagined on screen in such a beautiful, tender way. You can’t help but root for Molly and Sam, experiencing their burning passion almost like your own. All thanks to stellar performances from Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg.

Gone with the Wind


There are good movies, and then there’s ’Gone with the Wind.’ You’ll keep coming back to it, discovering new sides to this incredible story of a strong-spirited, damaged, one-of-a-kind woman, who managed to survive blows of fate that would bring some men to their knees.

A Walk to Remember

Warner Bros. Pictures

The love story of a spoiled handsome guy and a quiet straight-A student can hardly be called a masterpiece for the ages, but it offers a beautiful message: love can work wonders, and any fairy tale scenario can come true. Yes, reality will make its adjustments to it, but there will nevertheless be a place for true feelings and wonder.

Dirty Dancing

Vestron Pictures

A tale of love, intimacy, strong friendship and some more love. The atmosphere of ’Dirty Dancing’ is quite simply irresistible, and we guarantee that after watching this movie you’re going to want to brush up on your moves and passions.

Pride and Prejudice

Universal Pictures

The Bennet sisters are waiting for the arrival of their new neighbor. And the young man does not disappoint, bringing with him not only his own charms and prospects but also a handsome friend. Raging feelings between Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy will go from annoyance to confrontation to confusion to mutual respect and overwhelming love. A true classic that proves that real action doesn’t always come in the form of explosions and car chases, and that first impressions can be spectacularly wrong.

The Great Gatsby

Warner Bros. Pictures

The roaring 20s. New York with its bright colors, fabulous dresses, posh parties, sizzling passion. All of this makes our hearts beat faster while our eyes are stuck to the screen so that we don’t miss a single character, scene, or word. Friendship and indifference, hatred and detachment, love and betrayal — all seemingly incompatible extremes — embody the impossible atmosphere of the Charleston era.

Love Actually

Universal Pictures

’If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.’ No matter how many times you watch this movie, it always seems that you could keep re-watching it forever and never get bored. A writer who fell in love with his housekeeper, an aging rock star, a bored prime minister, a lonely widower, a couple of adorable porn actors — all of them become witnesses to something very important. Okay, yes, it’s all a bit exaggerated, and would never happen in real life. But this movie is a wonderful dream, so cynics can keep moving, thank you very much.

P.S. I Love You

Alcon Entertainment

’P.S. I Love You’ is not just another tearjerker. This is a smart, kind movie, that talks to the audience in a language they understand. We get to see how fragile the things that just yesterday seemed indestructible really are. And how, in love, there’s no need for big speeches. All you need is just those three magic words.

The Lake House

Warner Bros. Pictures

Imagine two people who love each other — deeply, hopelessly — but they become separated. Not just by distance, but by time itself. This unusual story is beautifully filmed, with a soundtrack so tender that it seamlessly becomes one with what you’re seeing on your screen. A gentle, romantic and sensual story.

Meet Joe Black

Universal Pictures

Anthony Hopkins + Brad Pitt = a great movie. But wait, there’s more: you’ll also get exciting plot twists and a world in which good and evil, nobility and dishonor, fear and courage, love and death, are intertwined.

Sleepless in Seattle

TriStar Pictures

A surprisingly rich, yet simple and touching movie. To spend a night in its company would be a real treat for both your mind and your heart. It has everything you need: a cute and lonely protagonist played by Tom Hanks, a plain, but charming heroine (Meg Ryan), adorable kids, obligatory quotes that have since become classic lines, and a warm atmosphere.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill Pictures

This story takes place in London, on the streets of Notting Hill to be precise, where a world famous actress (Julia Roberts) has just moved in, and where a small bookshop owner (Hugh Grant) has been working since forever. They meet by chance, starting a chain of incredible events that will turn their whole lives upside down.

City of Angels

Warner Bros. Pictures

What if celestial beings lived among us, walking the same streets and falling in love with ordinary people? Maggie certainly didn’t believe in angels until she encountered one of them personally, a meeting that changed both of their lives. This gentle and naive fairy tale reminds us that there are things in this world that are worth fighting for.
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