Can you guess what’s common between Johnny Depp and Ford Mustang 1964? Yes, they both are American and yes, both of them are associated with ‘muscles’. But one thing that makes them irresistible for us is the old age charm that gets us everytime we think about them. You don’t have to be young to look hot and charming and here are some actors who are proving it just right.

1. Pierce Brosnan, 63

Remember 007? Brosnan hasn’t lost any heat since then.

Source: Australian Network News

2. Milind Soman, 50

Well, this man surely knows how to rock grey hair with ultimate charm. Now, I believe that God wants us to be happy.

Source: Cochin Talkies

3. Shah Rukh Khan, 50

He has turned 50 but people still can’t forget the moment when he turned around, smiled and removed those round sunglasses in DDLJ. Baadshah of Bollywood, certainly so!

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4. Anil Kapoor, 59

Anil Kapoor certainly has some secret potion for being so fresh and energetic all the time. Just one word for him, jhakaas!

Source: Filmy Monkey

5. Kabir Bedi, 70

Kabir Bedi knows how to carry his tough exterior with ultimate style. Is he actually 70 years old?

Source: GQ India

6.Kevin Spacey, 56

With his great acting skills in movies like The Usual Suspects and American Beauty, Spacey is one amazing actor to watch out for in Hollywood. Just can’t forget Seven, he has enthralled us ever since.

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7. Aamir Khan, 51

Aamir Khan exactly knows what his character wants in the movie, be it those non-blinking eyes in PK or a chiseled body in Ghajini. Let’s just hope he never ceases to amaze us with his perfection.

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8. George Clooney, 55

It was indeed a sad day for women when Clooney got married and you know why. Just look at that sophistication

Source: PopSugar

9. Johnny Depp, 52

Hard to believe that Depp has turned 52, but who cares? Look at that killer smile and unmatched personality, he’s smokin’ hot.

Source: Consequenceofsound

10. Brad Pitt, 52

Brad Pitt is, in simple words, gorgeous. Needless to say, he is one brilliant actor when it comes to tough roles.

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11. Suniel Shetty, 56

Everybody’s heart skipped a beat when Suniel Shetty’s latest pictures hit the Internet. Impressive, isn’t it?

Source: BuzzFeed

12. Jackie Shroff, 59

With amazing sense of style and thick accent, Jackie Shroff makes us watch out for him every time he is on the screen.

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13. Rajat Kapoor, 55

It was nothing new for us when he garnered attention for his latest release Kapoor And Sons: Since 1921. And when it comes to looks, well, he is only getting better with age.


14. Ronit Roy, 50

From Jaan Tere Naam to movies like Udaan, 2 States and Ugly, Roy has come a long way. Whether it’s his acting skills or tough looks, he is only getting better with each passing day.

Source: Taddlr

15. Richard Gere, 66

That effortless panache, amazing personality and adorable smile. Oh, what’s not to love about him?

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16. Tom Cruise, 53

Heartthrob of many girls around the world, Tom Cruise has one magnetic personality. Now I understand why those missions were never impossible

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17. Liam Neeson, 63

Well, there is no match in the whole wide world for those gorgeous blue eyes. Ah, killer!

Source: People

18. Jeff Bridges, 66

He is The Dude. Need I say more?

Source: PicsOfCelebrities

19. Robert Downey Jr., 51

The Iron Man star has hardly seem to age since his first release, you agree?

Source: Suntimes

20. Irrfan Khan

From Maqbool to Jurassic World, Irrfan Khan is conquering the acting world while increasing the hotness quotient for all of us. A powerhouse of talent he is!

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Because age is just a number.