We all dream of healthy, smooth and shiny hair, but many of our regular care practices can actually harm and weaken our hair. Some of them are things that we do automatically, without thinking, but they affect the health of our hair.
It’s important to remember that your hair is basically made of dead cells, just like your nails. This means that it doesn’t produce vitamins and nutrients by itself, but must absorb external substances, such as natural oils produced by your scalp or nutrients that come from nature or beauty products. Its structure is porous, and can therefore absorb these substances — but it can also collect and ’’breathe’’ pollution, UV rays, harmful chemicals and salt.
1. Dampen your hair with some plain white vinegar after using shampoo, and leave it for a couple of minutes before rinsing. Your hair will be brighter and shinier from the first time you try this.

2. Once a month, use a natural mask made from avocado.

3. Wash your hair with raw egg whites, instead of shampoo. Although it may seem weird, this natural product moisturizes your hair better than many commercial beauty products, and does so without weakening it.



4. Do not wash your hair too often. It will remove too much oil from your scalp that your hair needs for nutrition and growth.

5. Use a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate is one of the most harmful agents out there that strips your hair of its natural moisture. There are dozens of sulfate-free products on the market to help you care for and strengthen your hair.

6. Braid your hair loosely before you go to sleep. It will give you beautiful beachy waves in the morning, prevent your hair from tangling and breaking when you move in your sleep, and make it grow faster.

7. Massage your scalp every day with a wooden-bristle brush to activate blood circulation in this area and encourage hair growth.



8. Protect your hair from the the sun. You can use sunscreens or special summer hair styling products that will protect your hair from chlorine and salt water.

9. Do not blow dry your hair too often. Let it air dry naturally, or use a blow-dry lotion or a leave-in conditioner to protect your hair from heat.

10. Dry your hair well before you go to sleep, if you don’t want to have a bad hair day when you wake up. Wet hair is much more delicate and prone to breaking.

11. Avoid heat stylers such as hot straighteners or curling irons, and never use them without a spray-in heat protectant. The high temperatures of these devices weaken the fibers of your hair.

12. Argan oil has a lot of beneficial effects on your hair. Use it for split ends and a dry scalp, or as a leave-in conditioner.

13. Do not brush your hair when it’s wet — it makes it weaker and susceptible to breaking. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb while in the shower after you apply your hair conditioner.

14. Do not dye or bleach your hair. Dyes contain harsh chemicals, such as ammonia, which causes significant amounts of damage to the hair and may also cause scalp burns.



15. Use a satin or silk pillowcase for your bed. This material will reduce the damage to your hair, because it won’t pull and catch it like regular pillowcases do when you toss and turn during the night.

16. If you have damaged hair that is prone to split ends, you should trim your hair every eight weeks to keep it healthy.

17. Consume biotin. This vitamin promotes the growth of your nails and hair and facilitates skin regeneration.



18. Relax! Nothing damages your hair more than stress. No matter how much you take care of yourself, if you do not reduce your stress levels your hair will never be as beautiful as it could be.

19. Eat well. Your hair is nourished by everything you eat. If you avoid protein, natural fats and vitamins in your diet, your hair will be affected.

20. Nourish your hair regularly with natural or commercially-made masks rich in vitamins and oils.