Who doesn’t like taking a break from their stressed out lives and listening to witty humour that will not only make you laugh your heart out but will also make you wonder. Wit has been existing since generations and witty people are known for their intelligent humour. Not only are they funny, but they also don’t hesitate in taking up social issues. And thanks to the rise of Stand-Up Comedy in India in the past decade, now, we too have the privilege of enjoying some of the funniest individuals in action.

Here are some quotes by them that will not only make you laugh out loud but will also make you wonder.


When you grow up introverted,  your idea of enjoying things is different  than others. If you tell me bro, enjoy  yourself. I will go to sleep for three days.


Table Tennis athlete from China  called Ding Ning. If you say her name 8  times, somewhere Daler Mehendi starts  to sing Rang De Basanti.


Just saw Arindam Chaudhari. Told him,  'I recognise you.' He burst out crying, 'I wish you were the University Grants Commission.'


If a bachelor is dying of hunger  and you give him a pomengranate  and a knife. He'll take the knife and  kill himself.


Kiran Bedi, Manmohan Singh,  Derek O' Brien, & Floppy Disk 1.44 MB: Things that were awesome in the 90s but are horribly depressing now.


Advertisers today: Happy  Women's Day! You're all amazing! Advertisers every other day: You're fat and ugly so give us money.


My mom is so OCD,  she even wants to arrange  my marriage.


The last phrase that no  American kid could spell in spelling  bee was 'gun control'.


Bachelors are  fuckall people. Our  only purpose is to  minimise the amount  of work we can do  and still survive.


'Beta lovely comedy, but...  do your parents know that you are  saying all these things on stage?  Accha ladka kaise milega?'  His concern for my love life was heart-warming.


Which team needs to  lose for Sidhu to be depressed?


Samsung should launch the S5,  S5 Mini, S5 Grand, S5 Neo, S5 Double  Galaxy, S5 Paneer Butter Masala and  every other variant at one go.


Federer announces the birth  of his 2nd set of twins. You're a true  champ: when even your sperm is so  competitive, it keeps ending in a tie!


Love how the Indian term for  being in a committed relationship and  being in the hospital is same.  'Voh serious hai'.


I was not aware, when I started out, that a woman doing comedy was  supposed to be as rare as a monkey  being able to quote Shakespeare.


Delhi women - they're the most beautiful women! But the fact remains  that they know they are gorgeous.