Serena Williams is a brilliant women and she excels, not only in the world of sports but in every other aspect too. She has won a million awards and holds a ton of records to her name. Overcoming any fear and obstacle coming her way, she is truly an inspiration to the world.

Here’s are some motivating words from the lady herself.


I love who I am,  and I encourage other people to love and  embrace who they are.  But it definitely wasn't  easy it took me  a while.


People want more  fit arms, but my arms  are too fit. But I'm  not complaining. They  pay my bills.


I am lucky  that whatever fear  I have inside me,  my desire to win is always stronger.


It's me, and I  love me. I learned  to love me. I've  been like this my whole life, and I embrace me.


I love how I look.  I love that I'm a full woman and I'm strong and I'm powerful and I'm powerful and I'm beautiful at the same time.


The last thing I want to worry about is my chest. I want to just worry about playing the sport at the highest level that I can.


I really think a  champion is defined  not by their wins but  by how they can  recover when they fall.


I went on  the courts with just  a ball and a racket and a hope... and that's all  I had.


I think a smile  can make your whole body. Models, they look fabulous, but they don't smile, and they look so mad.


You can be  whatever size you are,  and you can be beautiful both inside and out.  We're always told  what's beautiful and what's not, and that's not right.


The success  of every woman  should be the  inspiration to  another. We  should raise each  other up.


We work just as hard as men do. And to be paid less just because of my sex - it doesn't seem fair.


I'm really exciting. I smile a lot, I will a lot, and I'm really sexy.


I feel as a  brand I'm here to  be around for a long time.


People see me  on the court only as  a superhero, grunting and winning. They think you're a robot, and I'm not.


It doesn't matter  what your background is and where you  come from, if you  have dreams and  goals, that's all that matters.


Family's first,  and that's what  matters most. We  realize that our love goes deeper than  the tennis game.


Since I don't look  like every other girl,  it takes a while to be  okay with that.  To be different. But  different is good.