Sex is not a difficult lesson to understand. But there are some men who totally just fuck the flow and become irritable at times. This happen because men think that porn sex is what women like but that’s totally a lie.

Reddit User asked ladies what they hate during sex and this is what they shared.

#1. Not waiting until I’m aroused before you penetrate.

#2. Assuming that my vagina is going to respond to touching the same way your penis does.

#3. Calling me momma or Mamacita. That’s just gross.

#4. Sex is dirty business. Sweat, cum, hair, queef, fart, squirt, pee or blood is normal. Don’t get squicked out by the little things.

#5. Diving straight for my clit without a warmup.

#6. Acting like my body, in general, is made of glass and will break.

#7. Grabbing my boobs so hard they hurt.

#8. Constant jackhammering. That’s my pussy, not your pavement!

#9. Focusing just on my nipples during boob play. You’ve got enough there to experiment with!

#10. Keeping quiet during sex. How can I tell what you like then?

#11. Being completely disinterested in sex after coming.

#12. Not going down and/or fingering me, and making me do all the work.

#13. Asking me again and again if I’ve orgasmed yet.

#14. Hate bad breath.

#15.Insisting that women get rid of all their public hair.

#16. Just assume I’ll like what everyone else is into.

#17. When guys skip the foreplay and just go straight for action.