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17 Shrewd Outlines That Demonstrate The Contrasts In the middle of Copywriters And Art Directors

In the late 1950s, promoting legend Bill Bernbach concocted the thought of blending workmanship chiefs and marketing specialists into groups. The system worked and DDB wound up making probably the most notable work of that time. From that point forward, the craftsmanship duplicate group structure started to be at most, if not all, offices.
They perhaps living up to expectations towards a typical objective, yet as an inventive species, marketing specialists and craftsmanship executives are not all that comparable. Their disparities are best highlighted on a Facebook page titled CW versus AD where Caio Pena (art director), Henrique Parada (art director) and Letícia Hanower (copywriter) impart their cool, peculiar delineations on this subject. Look at 17 of their best works underneath.

1. The brush

2. The file

3. What the account manager wants from us

4. Starting from scratch

5. The colors

6. The software

7. The reason for our anger

8. The vintage version

9. The app

10. The Moleskine

11. Reading time

12. How do we know pop culture

13. Leaves office at…

14. The social network

15. The tattoo

16. Wishing Happy Birthday

17. The dream pet

In the event that we needed to select from the rundown over, no. 7, 13 and 16 eventual our top choices. Shouldn’t something be said about you? Offer this post with your craft/duplicate accomplice and voice your perspectives in the remarks underneath.

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