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17 Irrfan Khan Quotes That Are A Window Into The Mind Of This Staggeringly Talented Actor

There are few actors as impactful as Irrfan Khan.

Showcasing a faultless scope of performances, Irrfan has over and over given us vital characters, every one more remarkable than the other.

From Haasil to Pan Singh Tomar, Maqbool to The Lunchbox and Piku to Madaari, with regards to Irrfan’s collection of movies, words genuinely miss the mark.

In any case, Irrfan’s fame can’t simply be ascribed to his acting alone.

A self-in fact reluctant ‘star’, Irrfan holds a colossally develop perspective of cinema, art and the world we live in. He may have spent more than two decades before the camera however never for once has he put some distance between the individual he was before he went under the spotlight.

Here are 17 unimaginably interesting celebrity entertainment news of Irrfan quotes that give a more profound knowledge into the psyche of one of Hindi cinema’s most suggestive performers:




















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