People and their idiosyncrasies are subjects of intense hilarity and confusion to all of us. To adhere to them in the confines of your own house is fine, but to make LAWS out of them? Here are some of the most weird laws all around the world that will surely make you go, ‘Whaaaaaaatttt?’ Why you should know these? Simple, for a traveler the world is home, and it’s always desired that you be on good terms with your hosts!

1. Singapore

Sticky shoe. Icky shoe!

2. Oklahoma, USA

We think that’s because their dogs are very touchy.

3. Germany

What do their cars run on? Beer?

4. Fiji

There goes half their tourist inflow!

5. Miami, Florida

Animals imitating people, however, is totally acceptable!

6. Japan

Holiday at work today? No, Sir! It rained yesterday and there are too many puddles and pedestrians on the road.

7. England

No Man no see Mannequin!

8. Russia

Wait! There’s only one registration plate right? Why can’t you just keep THAT clean?

9. Switzerland

What do they wash their cars with? No! Can’t think of anything that would make noise?!

10. Thailand

Well, that’s just common sense! Come to think of it, that should be a law in every country!

11. Italy

Woah! This is ‘size’ism to a whole new level.

12. Bulgaria

This is where airbags become essential, in case you bang your head against the extinguisher!

13. Venice, Italy

Their pigeons are awfully health conscious!

14. France

What? Insecure much?

15. New Zealand

Poor roosters, there goes their one chance at being airborne!

16. Burma

Crawl over the World Wide Web, and they will net you!

17. UAE

Normal cigarettes, however, are extremely safe and healthy!