14 Weird Things People Do With Their Crushes! You’ve Done These Too!

Having a crush can be a little crazy sometimes and if not all, a lot of times having a crush can make you do some of the craziest things. So, here is a list of 16 of the weirdest things you probably do or have done when you have had a crush on someone:-

1. Stalking Them-

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You may not be a part of their social media accounts ‘Officially Speaking’, but you probably know them well enough to tell what their favourite ice cream is.

2. Checking your phone after every nano seconds-

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You constantly check your phone because you always want to reply to them on time and you always wait for their reply eagerly.

3. You talk about them all day-

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You talk about your crush so much that it pisses off your friends.

4. Practice conversation-

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You practice the conversation, you are going to have with them a million times before having that actual conversation.

4. Denial-

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In the beginning, you completely deny you have a crush on them but a single text from them makes your day.

5. The ACTUAL conversation-

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The time when you have to actually communicate with your crush, it turns out to be awkward and weird even though you practiced it a million times!.

6. Acceptance-

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When you finally accept that you have a crush on this person and start getting jealous of anyone and everyone who looks at them or even likes their profile pic.

7. When they compliment you-

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One single compliment from them can make you feel like the happiest person alive.

8. A little EXTRA-

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You try to put extra effort into anything and everything, where they are concerned, in that particular activity or event; like casually putting on that dress; you were saving for the year end party, for a get together just because they are going to be there.

9. Day Dreaming-

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You day dream about them all the time and have probably imagined all the possible scenarios with them.

10. The Similarity-

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You try to find things that are common between you and your crush, so you guys have plenty of common topics to talk about, when you actually get to that conversation part.

11. Loving what they love-

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You start to love what they love and like the things, they like.

12. Waiting for them to reply-

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You put extra effort to text them and get severely annoyed when they take time to reply.

13. You replay the one sweet thing he said to you in your mind for all day long-

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Even if they say ‘Hi’ to you, the day suddenly becomes brighter.

14. When they finally ask you out-

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When your crush finally ask you out, you feel like the day needs to go down in history and you feel like you want to shout it out to the world.

What weird things have you done, when you had a crush on someone?. Let us know in the comments!.