kisi ne sahi hee kaha hai “mehman bhagwan hota hai” . Let’s check out 16 different bahgwans of Indian

1.The curious aunty

The curious aunty


“Aaj kal kya kar rahe ho beta”.

2.The kisser aunty

The kisser aunty


Eeeeee, please.

3.The hugging uncle

The hugging uncle


“Arey, maine tujhe apni godi main khilaya hai”

4.The story telling uncle

The story telling uncle


They tell the most embarrassing stories in front of the entire family and friends

5.The I know it all uncle

The I know it all uncle


“Mujhe sab pata hai beta”

6.The over friendly aunty

Main teri friend hun apni bf ka naam bata de


“Main teri friend hun, apni bf ka naam bata de

7.The take over the kitchen aunty

The take over the kitchen aunty


“Hato main banati hun”

8.The match maker aunty

The match maker aunty


“Maine tere liye ladka dhund rakha hai. Raj karegi”

9.The one who never leaves

The one who never leaves


They say bye like about 17 times but they have no intention of going

10.The ones who comes without calling

The ones who comes without calling


“Beta darwazo kholna hum bhar khade hai kabse”

11.The literally at home cousins

The literally at home cousins


God! They just open your drawers without asking.

12.The career counselor uncle

The career counselor uncle


“Beta tujhe usa jana chaiye padne”

13.The fashion consultant aunty

The fashion consultant aunty


“You should not wear this with that”

14.The flaunting cousin

The flaunting cousin


“Main 2 baar se zada phenti hee nai hun koi t-shirt”

15.The drunk uncle

The drunk uncle


“Merko chadti hee nai hai”

16.The complainer aunty

The complainer aunty


“Meri bahu meri sunti nai hai, meri nand ne yeh kia”

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