While India’s numerous film and media businesses still oblige traditionalist tastes and blue pencils, the nation’s online makers are allowed to change the diversion anyway they please. Therefore, the absolute most dynamic watchable stories in the nation are free, snackable, and accessible to everybody with a web association. The web appears underneath investigate subjects as fluctuated as premarital dwelling together, gay rights, and Mumbai’s blossoming hip-jump society.

#1. Permanent Roommates


A couple, who were in a 3-year long-distance relationship, finally get the chance to live together as they contemplate marriage.

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#2. I Don’t Watch TV


A fictional look into what happens behind all the glitz and glamour of the Indian television industry, from all the power struggles to the backhand deals.

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#3. Hip-Hop Homeland


The series is a documentary-type, in-depth look the rapidly growing underground hip-hop scene.


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#4. #LoveBytes


The story revolves around a live-in relationship, which is kept a secret because the woman doesn’t think her boyfriend’s mother will accept it.

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#5. Baked


Three Delhi University students decide to open up a food delivery service, and invariably end up in chaotic situations all the time.

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#6. All About Section 377


A fictional show in which a straight guy lives with two gay guys, and is aimed at educating the masses on the struggles of the LGBT community in India.

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#7. A.I.SHA – My Virtual Girlfriend


A 26-year-old app developer creates an app which eventually becomes sentient.

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#8. Pitchers


Four friends become tired of the corporate life, quit their day jobs and decide to open up a startup.

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#9. Girl In The City


The story follows the exploits of a 21-year-old woman who moves to Mumbai to fulfil her dream of joining the fashion industry.

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#10. Bang Baaja Baaraat


Two people with very different backgrounds decide to get married after falling in love. And all hell breaks lose when their extremely different families meet.

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#11. Standing By


The six-part documentary series explores the now burgeoning indie music scene in India, by talking to some of the biggest people in the industry today

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#12. Happy To Be Single


The Tamil-English comedy chronicles the lives of three people as they seek out true love.

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#13. Alisha


A young fashionista moves to Mumbai after living in Los Angeles for four years, and struggles to break into the fashion industry.

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#14. Not Fit


A mockumentary series which revolves around a struggling actor in Mumbai, and his attempts to break into Bollywood.

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#15. Chinese Bhasad


A comedy series in which an Indian boy falls in love with a Chinese girl, and their families have very strong stereotypical views of each other’s cultures.

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#16. Sinskaari


Alok Nath will interview a slew of celebrity guests on this adult chat show, asking them all sorts of questions about their sexual exploits, opinions on pre-marital sex, and all their deep dark secrets.

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