With the growing time and speed, technology is running very fast then even human also… We all are living in an autonomous decade where only one word is existing and i.e. automatically… Gone those heavy days when people use to go market, travel whole day here and there for only a single product. Now a days majority of us purchase product online.

Time has changed a lot these days that for shopping no need to go anywhere, just Google, make certain clicks at your favorite item and within 10-15 days your item is delivered to your automatically. In this article we will explore tips on online shopping

Tips for online shopping

1. Firstly Search For Many Shopping Websites For Your Item-

Start Google from very first day just to confirm first from which website you are going to make your order…

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2. At last, In Very Confusing State You Prefer One To Make Your Order-

So, finally search is over… Compare many websites and find the one which you think is more trust worthy and fast in ordering and delivery…

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3. Always Check For Discounted Deals And Coupons-

Because it is human tendency so everyone wants to grab some discount when ordering something online… So search for long hours for certain deals and offers…

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4. Compare Price Of Your Item From At least 2-3 Shopping Websites…

We always prefer that online store that is offering certain discount on our desired product and always wants to go ahead with that…

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5. Mind Change At Random When Eyes Are Sparkled By Other Charming Items-

It happens most of the time that while searching for your item, at sudden you some other item which is grab by your eyes and rather than first one you decide to order that new item…

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6. Order One And Make Another Unusual Order Free-

Human’s eyes are very greedy as when searching item on online stores we have a look on many beautiful items and accessories, though they are not of our use but still they got ordered with first decided item… Lust always makes its way…

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7. Whether Cash On Delivery Or Have To Pay Online…

Cash on delivery is the quality which surfs every time when someone is going to make some order… After all, no wants to pay online, everyone wants to pay at delivery time because a funny thing is always running in mind that-‘agar mere order ki delivery nahi hui to, mere paise to khrab hojaege na’

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8. Finally Order Is Placed With A Huge Smile On Face-

You always feels very relax, lightly and happy after placing order… Because after a lot of confusion, you are able make to place an order finally…

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9. Check For Mail And Message Confirmation With Detective Eyes-

Ohh!!! My order is placed or not… What’s my order id? Have to check first my e-mail and message so that I have a proof that I order particular item from abc website so that in such case if my item is not dispatched then I can claim for my order and refund….

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10. Start Counting Estimated Days For Item Delivery-

Very obvious and is common with everyone… It’s a unique kind of excitement to estimate date and days for welcoming your item…

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11. Wants To Track Your Order Each And Every day-

‘Order is shipped or not’… ‘Dispatched or not’… ‘From where it is coming’… ‘What’s the current location and status of it’… Every time you want internet with you just to track your order 3 or more times in a day…

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12. Start Reading Reviews Of Your Upcoming Item From Here And There-

All the time Google this and that just to read out reviews of your expected item from old users… Many times you think to cancel the order due to some confusion but though agree to let dispatched it and not satisfied then will return it back…

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13. Waiting So Strongly Each And Every Minute For Your Item-

Time is not just passed on… All the time only one time is going on in the mind that-“when will my item should be delivered to me?”

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14. Sometimes Recall Postman Uncle About Your Item-

Just reached to post office and recall postman uncle of your area that-‘my order will be coming here soon, please take it to my house in due time and most importantly explain proper address of your house…

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15. When Got Informed About Exact Date of Delivery Then Either Stay At Home Or Informed Family Members-

“Mummy aaj to mai ghar pe hi rhugi, aaj mera order delivered hone wala hai”… “Mummy mera order aega aaj, please thik se receive karlena”

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16. Finally Big Smile On Face… After All, Item Is Received And In Your Hands-

Feeling just like floating on seventh sky… Only staring at your product, looking it, trying it… Click pictures of it and send to everyone…

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To sum it up, buying things online is easy and convenient. You get a lot of choices, and reading reviews helps you make smart decisions. Because of these advantages, many people prefer online shopping in our fast digital world.

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