Songs are a wellspring of peace, they are sedatives to our storms and give words to our feelings! For some, songs are exemplary lullabies and for many, they are just tunes to stumble upon.

And stunningly anyway, the music business has been developing all around and the more we investigate it, the more we understand that each dialect has its own genre of songs bet hey, is misogyny seriously a kind?

I mean, in the wake of tuning in to Bollywood melodies like ‘Aao Raja’ and ‘Chikni Chameli’, how many of you could see the wave of feminism go low?

Provided that the society’s standards are in charge of encouraging the brains with non-rational considerations and misogyny, then, Bollywood songs are certainly objectifying ladies!

So, here’s a list of Bollywood songs that hurt the feminist in every woman and made us consider the kind of songs we’ve all been listening to. Let’s have a look: