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15 terms to know if you are a newbie pot smoker.

Just like taking every new road we need to know where it leads we must also be careful while trying out new adventures in life and just when you are ready to take off it’s important to get accustomed to the terminology of the new world you are about to enter.

So here is your dictionary of terms to look if you are a newbie pot smoker:


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It is the producer of weed family that gives you the variety of options to choose when you decide to get high.

2.Stoned, baked, ripped

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These are just the nicknames you will earn after smoking and getting high.

3.Cotton mouth

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This probably will be your first feeling that will start in the mouth because it will lead to dryness after you

4.Wake and bake

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It’s the replacement of bed tea when you just wake up in the morning with smoking weed.

5.Pot, weed, ganja, bud, or dope

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These are all the family members of cannabis family that are used for smoking.


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A pack that contains weed is called sack.


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Just like the food left over weed also leaves residue and that’s what we call roach.


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It is just another form to consume weed by rolling it into “rolling papers,” which are often made of hemp, rice, flax, and other non-wood substances; also it is a synonym for marijuana cigarette.


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A blunt is nothing but weed rolled into tobacco paper


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It is a device generally made of glass or metal used to smoke weed that consists of a “bowl,” the round, deep part of the pipe where you place your pot and then spark it, using the opposite end to inhale.


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Well this is apparently the most healthiest way to consume weed since a vaporizer is an instrument that heats up weed to the point where it turns to vapor.


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Ideally bong is a device used to smoke pot and is made from glass,plastic, or ceramic but quite many people find ways to make their own by using stuff they have at home.


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You really need a lot of them when you get high because food becomes all the more necessary when you get high.


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Main type of weed that keeps one feel energized and uplifted after smoking it, more of a head high.


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It calls for celebration as 420 is the International Weed Day where everyone gathers around to enjoy all things of weed.



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