oops!! I am entering “not to be discussed” area. I better use the words carefully.
Very stupid topics which are not talked about for bullshit reason is counted as no reason. I am just gonna list 15: –

1. Smoke/drink

Smoke drink

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I don’t understand why do people have to hide the fact that they smoke or drink.

2. Sexual preference

Sexual preference

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People hide their preference because of our f*cked up society which has particularly bullshit reasons for not liking LGBT community. For me they should be open about it and there is no reason for hiding for what you like.

3. Age


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He just asked your age. Please, give it a rest. Why “ladkiyon se unke age nai puchte”?

4. Salary


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I am just asking your salary not running away with it.

5. Past relationships

Past relationships

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Everybody knows the truth, why not accept it?

6. Condoms/birth control

Condoms birth control

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Why are we ashamed for being safe? Better play safe than end knocked up.

7. Pregnancy status


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“Beta, kisi ko batana mat nazar lag jayegi” seriously?

8. Exam results/ achievements

Exam results achievements
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“Mera beta toh padta hee nai hai, nalyak hai”
Results- 95%
*Can’t watch*

9. Cooking recepies

Cooking recepies

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It has a secret ingredient. Whenever you wanna have it come over, I won’t tell you.

10. Workout regime

Workout regime

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“I am doing nothing. Just work pressure”
Reality – spends 2 hours in a gym & has personal trainer.

11. Periods


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Oh god! I used the p word. Ssshh, he will hear it. Oh god he knew you were pmsing when you irritated him with your mood swings.

12. Live-in relationships

Live in relationships

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Hiding whom you are living with just because “log kya khenge” is no reason.

13. Beauty products

Beauty products

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No no I don’t apply anything on face. I just eat healthy. Bullshit!

14. Status


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Some of them are trying to hide what they have and some are trying hard to flaunt what they don’t have.

15. Virginity or sex

Virginity or sex

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Anything that has word “sex” in it is not be told. Everybody is curious to know others sexual life or fantasies but not discuss theirs.

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