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15 Problems Every Girl With Long Nails Face..

Nails are a beautiful possession a girl can have. These are our perfect asset to nail any event. Long, beautiful well shaped nails are all needed to sort us. But it’s not always a fairy tale. I am sure these are the things every girl faces with long nails.

1.Texting is a serious issue:

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Mad at your boy friend and you want to simply delete all his messages? But opps you just typed ‘HMMMMMM’.

2.Have a passion for learning guitars? This is usually an A Lister in many of our bucket list.

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Probably the hardest decision for a girl. Passion or Nails.

3.Typing almost is as painful for the nails as it is for the heels in high heels.

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The fear of having a chipped nail while typing could be a haunting one.

4.The only song that comes to my mind when we break a nail.

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“ loot gayeeeeee! Hai loot gaye.” So that my dwarf nail doesn’t feel too bad. Hence, I shall cut the remaining.

5.Washing your face is a criminal offence.

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I doubt how much dirt is removed from our faces but we always end up giving a beauty spot in a form of a scratch to our faces.

6.Ever realized writing would be that difficult.

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I thought typing alone is a barrier until I started scribbling on the piece of a paper.

7.Ever tried picking up coins or napkins at a party with long nails?

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This could be a sure embarrassment.

8.Wearing or removing lenses is just suicidal.

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It’s more like stabbing your own eye.

9.The priciest possession after a bath – ‘Nails’.

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I would do anything to keep them alive.

10. Opening cans is the most difficult of all

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Thirsty for a cola and you are left helpless because you just can’t open it.

11.The new shelter for dirt and food.

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‘Yaaayy! I have you met my new besties?

12. The ‘Oh NO’ moment.

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The very moment when someone says, “Your nails are so beautiful” and the min next to that you break one.

13.Too many scratches on the body.

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What the hell! Am I living with ghosts now or what?

14. Aunties are just too afraid of giving their babies to us.

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“No! No! Please spare our kids, you witch! I mean seriously. It’s not even funny now.

15. Girl Power

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Well, Well whatever you may say, I just don’t have to carry the extra loads of a pepper spray anymore. I can kill lives with these pretty nails.

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