When I was a tween, I thought being a child is hard. When I was a young person, I thought been an adolescent was harder. Presently, that I am a 20-something, I think adulting is harder (which everybody in my era consents to, BTW). Phew! Life at this moment, is a wreck and there are battles we manage consistently. (Ask any 20-something and you’ll know!). Besides, being a 20-something lady, God spare our souls!

This comic artist by night and artist by the day, Julia Bernhard, has relevantly summed up her day by day life battles, which are our own as well, in these lovely funnies. What’s more, these are relatable AF. Genuinely!

1. Haha! This is me. So, me!

2. Who has the answer to that?

3. Oh brain, please staph it!

4. I can never, ever, ever feel my age. What is my age? *thinks confused*

5. The time we take to draft a perfect reply is basically, forever.

6. Nothing can be truer!

7. In my case, add sandesh, biryanis, rasgullas, namkeen, moori and gujjiyas.

8. Hell, yeah, man! Hell yeah!

9. We don’t practice what we preach.

10. I pictured myself on bed! No kidding!

11. Sleep, where art thou?

12. She spoke my heart!

13. That’s how I plan to spend my weekend, every week!

14. Meanwhile, here’s what the birds think!

15. Mr Brain can be such a bitch at times!

Julia contributed her work on Bored Panda while adding,

“After graduating from art school in 2016 I started documenting the daily struggles of adulting in my early(ish) 20’s in little hand drawn comics.

What started out as a joke among friends and was only meant to be a little side project to my work as an illustrator has now become my way of figuring out life and what it means to be a woman in today’s society.

Sometimes I am a little worried about oversharing but then again I hope by being (sometimes maybe a little too) honest I can inspire people to open up about their own problems in real life so we can slowly grow into a society where nobody needs to feel alone with their struggles however big or small.”

These comics are our lives, basically.

H/T:Bored Panda