Looking for inspiration in a poetic way?

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1.Atticus Poetry

'Again & Again' #atticuspoetry #atticus #poetry #poem #loveherwild #she

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It is so inspiring that some people even choose to get tattoos of his poems.

2.R.M. Drake

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It is the perfect gateway account and he uses colorful backgrounds to accentuate their thoughtful poems.

3.Tyler Knott Gregson

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His Instagram contains a variety of photography, handwritten poems, and pieces from the Typewriter Series.

4.Christopher Poindexter

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His poems tend to be longer than those of most other Insta-poets, and write a lot about love, loneliness, and the human condition.


Original In My Head is available for preorder, link in bio. #jmstorm #jmstormquotes #inmyhead

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He uses the medium to convey universal themes of passion and understanding.

6.K. Towne Jr

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His poetry is both poignant and catchy, and you may find yourself attaching a rhythm to his work.

7. Make Blackout Poetry

New Development. #makeblackoutpoetry #blackoutpoetry #poetrycommunity #poetry

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Blackout poetry is created by taking any text – like a newspaper article, brochure, or even text from a cereal box – and erasing most of the words, which turns the exposed remains into a poem. The combinations that can be created are both breathtaking and surprising.

8.J Iron Word

Mmm hmm

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He plays with fonts, mediums, photographs and screenshots to make this account playful and accessible.


Kiss me, I want to feel it all 🖤 #mfirechild #kissme #loveme #letmeloveyou #him #passion

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It is perfect for anyone who is looking for the occasional reminder that being a hopeless romantic can be beautiful.

10.The Poetry Bandit

Maybe this is what drew me to you, that we shared the same sickly eye shadow. #beautiful #but #flawed

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This Instagram account features short poems on depression, recovery, and loss, and his words are both bittersweet and hopeful.

11.Beau Taplin

Yeah, well. • my book Bloom is available worldwide via the link on the home page xo Love Beau

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He focuses on language and verse to create impactful poems imbued with life lessons.

12.Nikita Gill’s

This incredible and valuable writer is @flwriting . Follow her! #poetry #poem #fortesalatifi

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Her poetry feels more traditional in the way it is presented.

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