Society always has some weird rules regarding what is acceptable and what’s not, specially in India. And even though PDA-Public Display Of Affection has been around forever, it’s still not acceptable in the Indian Society.

Here is what 15 Indians had to say when they were asked about the reactions they got because of their PDAs.


I was sitting with my friend of opposite gender, outside a mall. An old beggar lady came up to me and said, "Bhagwan aap dono ki jodi salamat rakhega." I was shocked by the way people view friends of opposit gender sitting together.


I hugged my friend leaving Chennai in  Central station back in 2014. Half the station was staring at us. Thankfully no one bashed us up.


My friend, who is  a guy, and I were talking  and walking together. He  suddenly kissed me on my  cheek. An uncle who saw  us took no time in saying  "TV dekh dekh ke bigad  rahe hai ladke".


In the second  year of college, I was  penalized for hugging my  girlfriend. The Dean  threatened to call our parents.


I kissed my GF  while we were travelling  together on a train.  Sometime later, a lady who  was sitting opposite to us randomly asked, "Are you both married?"


I was out for a walk  with a male friend and we were having a good time but the stares we got from passers-by made it seem like we were knocking boots  right there.


My boyfriend is a foreigner. I was tying my shoelaces at a Gurudwara when he just held me from behind. An uncle who passed by started shouting, "Tumhare desh mein  hota hoga aisa, humare  yaha nahi".


I am gay. I was  walking through my apartment complex holding hands with my boyfriend and there  were these two teenagers  who pointed at us and  started laughing.


We were kissing in a taxi. The taxi driver  stopped  and told us to  get out.


The Dean saw me  and my girlfriend sitting together in the college campus, so he told us unless  we were discussing quantum mechanics we should be leaving.


We were sitting in the Delhi Metro holding hands. A lady who came and sat next to us said, "Listen, if you want to hold hands please go somewhere else and do it. Don't sit like this in a public place. Shameless people.


I was sitting with  my friend in a public park.  She wasn't quite well so I held her hands to make her feel better.  A man who just passed by  abruptly said, "Raat ka toh  intezaar kar lete".


When I was in high school, I was just hanging around the Punjab  University campus with my boyfriend.  We found a place with shade and  sat there. We weren't doing anything  indecent. Suddenly, a cop showed  up and started yelling at us, "I'm  going to take you to the station". We were like 16 years old and panicked.


We were just sitting close to each other at a  restaurant table. A man who  had come with his family  felt uncomfortable and  ordered the waiter to ask us to behave properly.


Most of the time  when I am out with my  boyfriend, we hold each  other's hands. People still  stare at us. PDA allowed but  make P as in PRIVATE.

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