Bollywood is about immense stars, enormous cash and blockbuster movies. Or, then again is it? That is the discernment. When somebody says Bollywood, the brain naturally tosses back to the Khans, Kapoors and the Kumars and their enormously mounted movies We are not here to discuss the enormous movies that rake in the moolah, however movies that might not have won the number diversion, but rather are particularly great stories.

The Hindi film industry has been producing some incredible movies throughout the years, and we made a rundown of 15 such movies that you may have missed on the grounds that you were occupied with viewing the well known ones.

1. G Kutta Se

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In a small village not too far from Delhi, three lives explode around taboos of love and lust. Diksha, still just a girl, is caught unguarded on camera, besmirching the “honor” of her parents. Kiran, in love with the wrong boy, becomes the target of another man’s lustful vengeance, “dishonoring” her family. And Virender, a young man cruising the streets at will, enjoys all the acts society forbids women, protecting or destroying their “honor” as he wills. Set in the badlands of Haryana, known for high rates of female feticide, G explores the murky world of sexual transgression and honor killings in India.

2. Death in the Gunj

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Award-winning actor Konkona Sensharma makes her feature debut as a writer-director with this coming-of-age story about a shy young Indian student who quietly and fatefully unravels during a family road trip.

3. Trapped

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A man gets stuck in an empty high rise without food, water or electricity.

4. Moh Maya Money

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This November, ambition and greed will have no limits. Watch the official trailer of MOH MAYA MONEY starring acclaimed actors Ranvir Shorey and Neha Dhupia. Written and directed by Munish Bhardwaj, the film releases in cinemas on 25 November 2016.

5. Parched

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Parched has been a festival favorite in 2015- 16. It has already received a thunderous response at 24 International Film Festivals across continents and won 18 Awards. Parched has released internationally in 7 countries and is currently running in it’s 22nd week in France.

6. Brahman Naman

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Brahman Naman is a comedy film set in the 80’s and revolves around the misadventures of Naman and his friends in their quest to lose their virginity.

7. Waiting

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WAITING is a film about the special relationship between Shiv and Tara, who befriend each other unexpectedly in a hospital while nursing their individual spouses in coma. It is a film about grief, yes, but it is also about confronting it with optimism and learning to live with courage, love with faith and laugh with hope.

8. Nil Battey Sannata

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Appu is a class 10th student and is giving up on studies, because she knows her mother will not be able to provide for her higher studies. Her mother tries hard and even enrolled her for maths tuition but Appu thinks only children of rich parents become doctors or engineers and believes she’ll end up being a maid too like her mother. But one day her mother gets a chance to continue her Education.

9. Dear Dad

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story of an Indian father exposing the unadulterated truth to his child was well meaning and highlighted convincing exhibitions by the father-child couple.

10. Dhanak

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Pari has promised her little blind brother Chotu that she’ll help get his eyesight back before he turns 10. When she spots her favorite star Shah Rukh Khan on the poster for an eye-donation drive, she is convinced her hero will help her on her mission. And so Pari sets out with Chotu on a magical journey through Rajasthan where they encounter a bunch of colourful characters.

11. Island City

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3 surreal slices of life in one mad, sprawling metropolis. Watch the trailer for ‘Island City’ now!
Starring Vinay Pathak, Amruta Subhash, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Chandan Roy Sanyal. In theatres on 2nd September.

12. Umrika

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Prashant Nair’s sophomore exertion stars Suraj Sharma and Tony Revolori in lead parts. The film follows the narrative of two siblings, one of whom remains in America and obediently keeps in touch with his sibling. At the point when the letters quit coming, one sibling goes looking for the other.

13. Haraamkhor

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Shlok Sharma’s mischievous depiction of a connection between a country instructor and his secondary school understudy has you gobsmacked at the deftness with which they handle the delicate issue. And after that mesh it into a story of two young men transitioning, simply by watching the prohibited desire undertaking.

14. Anarkali of Aarah

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Swara Bhaskar’s kick-ass film is about the thing melody culture of India, where semi-clad ladies are made to move for the joy of men and afterward excluded by similar men. The film took a solid position on assent, organization of a lady’s body and was a much needed refresher, because of a solid focal execution by Bhaskar.

15. Dear Maya

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Despite the fact that it went under the spotlight for being Manisha Koirala’s ‘rebound film’, the account of a moderately aged dowager was something many would relate to. At the point when two high school young ladies choose it would be great amusing to compose an unknown letter to the forlorn lady, things take a genuine turn.

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