There is no denying the fact that the lives of Bollywood celebrities interests every one of us. We are always all ears to whatever they need to state. More so, with regards to the confessions they need to make. Here’s a list of 14 superstars of Bollywood and their confessions; some of these confessions are stunning while others are really funny. Go ahead, decide for yourself.


"I've faced sexual harassment."


"I've had  extra-marital affairs."


"I sleep better  on a flight in a pair  of jeans that's really worn in."


"I paid a bribe  for my new  house."


"Yes, I have  cheated."


"I'm a virgin.  I will save myself  for the one I get married to."


"I don't know  how to make friends."


"Stammering made my childhood hell."


"I have a big  bum and bigarms.  I have cellulite. I can't wear a bikini."


"My relationship  with Salman's sister began during the  shooting of 'Maine  pyaar kyun kiya.'"


"Kissing alia  was boring, I'll enjoy kissing  deepika."


"I'm scared of  darkness, I sleep with my lights on  and I don't like flying."


"I was sexually abused as  a child."


"I met the  man who abused me as a kid years later."