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14 annoying facts about men that annoy women the most!

Men will be men! This is the line that pops inside our heads when we encounter men repeating their annoying habits. When it comes to things that men do which irritate women, at this place even Bollywood and Hollywood seems to merge because men are all same, no matter at what place of the planet you are standing. Here I highlight some facts about men that catches nerve of every women on the earth!

#1 Insensitivity

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Yes guys are insensitive at times and when the lines are crossed, you just erupt like volcano. When there is something going inside your head and instead of getting real your guy casually tells you “it will be alright”, it really kills a woman. Uh!

#2 Not picking up calls

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It was really something important and he did not pick up your call! Sounds familiar? Sometimes a woman can avoid it, but when it becomes his habit, then the skull of your boy is not going to be ok!

#3 Snoring

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The dog tired day with board meetings and lot of work. After a day like this, at the end of the day all you want is a peaceful sleep. But the moment you throw yourself at bed you are disturbed by agitating sounds produced by his nose. You can’t help but cringe or indulge in a midnight argument!

#4 Repeated alarms on his phone

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Who on earth is going to stop him from doing this? Ten to twenty snoozes and still not getting up! On the other hand the sound is taking a toll on your peaceful sleep. Well in such a scenario, you cannot do much but get ready for a not-so-happy morning.

#5 Looking at phone while in conversation

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Is he actually talking to you or just sliding his thumb on his phone? Girls get this right every time! You are raging with anger when he is not giving heed and after few minutes you notice an earphone too plugged in his ears. What!!!!!

#6 His “just got laid” guy friends

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His guy friends come and sing their fantasy about girls they encounter on daily basis. You hate it! You hate him to hear about other “hot” girls and so you hate his friends who make him hear such things!

#7 Checking out other girls

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A girl passes and you notice him staring at her never ending legs. You are filled with rage but all you have to do is, give a sweet threat that may happen to him at your mercy!

#8 Obsessed with body building

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No matter what day it is, valentines, off-day from work or anything else. He is going to the gym and it annoys you at core! You just cannot help it because you do not want him to not do what he likes. Leave it girl, this will become ok with time.

#9 Men with make up

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When you are dating and you notice a pink balm on his lips. Yuckkkk it sucksss! Is it not? One might think its ok for guys to look good but make-up is really a ‘girly’ thing.

#10 Forgetting important dates

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Birthdays, anniversaries, special date of any kind and he forgets! He always do! Please inform him about the calendar and reminder that every smart phone has!!

#11 Not bathing but using excessive deo sprays

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To what extent do guys use perfumes and deo sprays? Any idea? Well even Paris perfumes are not going to save them if they are not looking at showers for weeks.

#12 Wondering minds

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He is with you but sometimes he wonders about other girls he dated. And this is the last thing a girl wants to experience. Make him clear in his brains that now there is no option so he should get his senses right!!

#12 Burping

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So the relationship is old and the cute “sorry” after a burp has vanished! Burping at every five minutes after having food in a full-fledged manner does not only irritate women but also gives an idea how unhygienic a man could get if you loose your grip of strictness about his hygiene!

#13 Too much sports

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The whole world converges on the screen of ‘idiot box’ if you have a guy for whom sports is world. The remote is not in your hands and to add fuel to the burning fire inside you, he invites his friends to watch that stupid match! What!!



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