However personal a choice being a virgin may seem like to you – you’d be surprised at how much attention and discussion it attracts if you reveal it to people. If you are a virgin (in a world that seems to be completely obsessed with sex), here are 13 reactions you’ve probably gotten from people around you!

1. “What? Why?”

Go ahead and casually remark to someone that you’re a virgin. Chances are, they’ll pause and stare at you to digest this unfathomable revelation you just made. It’s like you just told them that you’ve never been on the internet!

2. “But … doesn’t your boyfriend ask for it?”

Sure, he might, but he’s not a jerk to get stuck about the sex thing and threaten dump me without it. He understands if I want to wait, or have any inhibitions. Plus, I have my own ways of catering to his needs, you know! *Wink*

3. “Please don’t say you’ve never even gone second base!”

I may or may not have. What business is it of yours?

4. “Don’t you ever feel horny?”

Oh, so much more than you do. BUT I have chosen this path, girl. My choice, okay?

5. “It’s no big deal, yaar”

Like I was waiting for your affirmation to go do it. I will, whenever I am ready. Thanks.

6. “Are you saving it for your husband?”

Maybe I am. Maybe I am not. Either way, I am not telling you… I already regret telling you that I am virgin!

7. “You know, your relationship won’t last for long aise…”

What are you, a relationship expert?!

8. “Kisi ko pata nahin chalta, yaar”

And this is followed by the many tricks and hacks you can try, so that never, ever would your parents or his parents or a future partner will come to know you aren’t one – and you can live to be called the “pure” one! New levels of hypocrisy.

9. “Come on, loosen up a little… It’s not like your husband is gonna be a virgin for you too!”

That’s actually a good point. But really, I am not saving it for my husband… I am saving it for myself and for a man with whom I am actually ready to do it. And how great would it be if he goes on to be my husband too, no

. “Do you need a room? Is THAT the problem?”

Uff! The relentless efforts some people make, just so that THEY can be happy and satisfied about your sexual choices.

11. “Oh, you’re a virgin. You wouldn’t get it…”

Uhm, virginity really has no effect on my sense of humour or intelligence. Try me?

12. “You are such a kid!”

And losing my virginity will make me a woman. Wow, you, my friend, are one smart “woman”! :/

13. “You know, *I* can help you…”

… says that “helpful guy”. Yes, you got it right – lack of options and advances… THAT is why I am a virgin. You saved my life, my hero! NOT.