Investigating the secrets our seas hold is troublesome. They say more than 90% of the World’s water bodies are still unfamiliar. Presently, with cutting edge innovation, we are getting to the base of them and we’re discovering some stunning stuff.

Scuba jumper Brandi Mueller is the inquisitive soul who got to the base of the world’s biggest sea and discovered a World War II memorial park of sorts, close Marshall Islands.

The planes – which incorporate Douglas SBD Dauntless plunge aircraft, F4U Corsairs, TBF/TBM Justice fighters, Helldivers, B-25 Mitchells, Curtiss C-46 Commandos and F4F Wildcats – were dumped here 70 years prior as it was excessively costly, making it impossible to transport them back to the U.S. from the Kwajalein Atoll. Look at them, and be astound.














Image Source:brandi mueller