Only a couple of uplifting statements can truly mean everything to somebody, and this present sitter’s endearing story recently demonstrated to us why.

At the point when Raquel used to keep an eye on young lady, she would dependably reveal to her the amount she adored her craft. Raquel would put on a games commentator Olympics-style voice, and discuss how pleasant the young lady’s specialty is, urging all her on drawing. Presently, years after the fact, the young lady is altogether grown up and just got acknowledged into three noteworthy craftsmanship schools. She couldn’t be more appreciative to her sitter, so she kept in touch with her the sweetest letter to express gratitude toward her. Continue looking to look at it and make sure to dependably empower others – it can change their lives!

This sitter chose to share her story about the significance of support, and it’s inspiring


when i was 12 i babysat this girl for a few years and she would come to me and show me her art, drag me by my wrists and point at the pieces she’d made during the week. and she’d be like “do the voice” and i’d put on a sports-announcer olympics-style voice and be like “such form! this level of coloring! why i haven’t seen such perfection in crayola in a long time. and what is this? why jeff, now this is a true risk… it seems she’s made … a monochrome pink canvas…. i haven’t seen this attempted since winter 1932… and i gotta say, jeff, it’s absolutely splendid” and she’d fall back giggling. at the end of every night she’d check with me: “did you really like it?” and i’d say yes and talk about something i noticed and tucked her in.

she was just accepted into 3 major art schools. she wrote me a letter. inside was a picture from when she was younger. monochrome pink.

“thank you,” it said, “to somebody who saw the best in me.”

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