12 True Things Only Married Couples Can Understand

Life is complete when you find your soulmate whether it’s a love marriage or arrange marriage. Life without them sucks. Married couple face many ups and down in their life but still their bond is stronger than anything else. Sometimes you feel like you are restricted to only one people for your whole life but sometimes you feel they are the one. These things only married couples will understand

# Life sucks really when your partner is not there

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You feel like crap if your partner is on a vacation. mum’s home, business work etc because you have adjusted your life according to them and every day without a sight of them makes your day incomplete.

# Your own codes

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Only both of you know your facial and signs code and you can understand and chat with these very well in a crowded place.

# Gossips from all over the world

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You get to know about the gossips from your other half when you haven’t stepped a foot inside the house because the radio starts automatically transmitting the news.

# Getting fit into each other routine’s

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Yes! this takes time as you are already accustomised to your own routine and with now an addition of a partner you need to adjust your habits. Late night matches, sleeping till 12.

# Shopping for them

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Yes! this is a magic that truly works, you go to shopping and buy things for your partner more than yourself, this small gesture makes them happy and so you also feel good because of them.

# Sacrifices

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You need to make sacrifices over food, late night TV shows, late sleeping, smoking and drinking beers, but they are easily solved by mutual agreement if that works.

# Party invitations

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You both are confused when you receive party invitations, whether to go alone or with you partner.

# Life after kids

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Life after kids must be easy, but there is a quarrel with each other that who is less tired among them will do the work.

# Food

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Your wife cooks the best food!!! better than your Mum, you need to agree upon it or else no food for 15 days. Period.

# Money

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Sharing and maintaining expenses becomes a headache problem every month you need to spend your money wisely so that in future the money can be easily used.

# Well privacy, JOKE!!

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Privacy becomes a joke afterwards because you now pee with doors open and bath without locking the doors, sleep naked and blah blah.


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We all think about this when we get married but we fall in love wit each other more, yes sex is a part of the game but life beyond sex is more interesting. Loving them and seeing them happy becomes more important.