Very awkward situation that is when you are with your buddies and at same time your loving and caring start having an open conversation with them which definitely make you feel too shy and embarrassing. Though, they do it without knowing cons of it, when the damage is done, you can’t repair that. This is the actual truth and reality and every son/daughter has to face it.

#1.Are you dating someone like your friend?



This question is generally raised when their own child is doing so. Actually they want to satisfy themselves by knowing the answer.

#2.What you are an alcoholic?



Both friends are having conversation about alcohol and all, and suddenly after listen the word alcohol, only this question is asked by them to make sure that they are right or wrong.

#3.Beta… Please Convince Him To Leave That Girl!



“That girl is spoiling his life, neither is he studying nor is he doing anything right. Just convince him”. Very common sentence it is.

#4.You Don’t Know Cooking? Your Mummy Doesn’t Teach you?



“How will you manage after your marriage?”. Whether their daughter know good cooking or not, but they are always conscious about other child.

#5.You Are Also Suffering From Gastric Problem Just Like Your Friend Or There Is Some Other Reason Behind Not Taking The Food?



Most embarrassing question that parent put up with your friend. And at that same time you will like “pani pani”

#6.Are You Wear Same Type Of Clothes At Your Home, Don’t You People Know About Descent Dressing Sense?



Every parent is always very worried about their child dressing sense, and this is the main reason that they start care about their friend clothing.

#7.Ohh! Whether Your Parents Know You Consume Beer And All?



Too much drama is here in form of care. This question generally rises when their own child is not a drunker just to make him feel scary and regret.

#8.What? Both Of You Are Taking Drugs? Leave Our House Right Now.



Literally both of you got too much afraid whether you are having drug or not. This is the too scary moment of anyone’s life.

#9.Both Of You Belongs To Reputed Families. This Vulgar Language Is Not Suited You At All.



Tradition and customs are like secrets weapons of parents. They know very well that at what perfect timing they have to use it.

#10.All The Time You Have Remain Bachelor. Beta! Ask Him To Get Married As This Is The Perfect Time.



When this sentence hit to yours face, both of you start looking at each other and start giving horrible face expression. Yes it is too weird.

#11.Hey! May I Join You In Your Secrets Talks .



You are having something very serious and secrets conversation with each other and suddenly your friendly parents came in between to make you insecure.

#12.“Is she is the same girl whom you talk whole night?”.



Really too dangerous question this is. Because whether you are trying to make her your future girlfriend but this awkward question put your every effort in garbage.