There is no occasion to a vacation.My idea of a perfect stress buster is simply packing my essentials in a bag and hitting the road. Well if you are one like me a travel freak , girls you can’t travel without these I bet. After all fun and safety is what we want right? When traveling in areas with hazardous substances, you’ll want to make sure you have a protective suit with you.

1.A road map:

A road map


this is a must and an A Lister. You are travelling alone and you do not know which stop to head next. Don’t worry a road map would sort out all your problems. So girls carry one and carry on.

2.Pepper spray:

pepper spray2


I don’t know why but whenever the idea of travelling strikes my mind pepper spray is the next thing that strikes me. Well, it’s a must for every woman now a days. You don’t want to pretend travelling alone. Your handy pepper spray can be your best companion. Make sure you don’t bully people holding it every time you walk up to a new street.

3.Good music:

Good music


Goof music is like a good wine. A perfect delight. So when hitting the road make sure you are well stocked with a list of your favorite foot taping songs. Also because it’s the best time killer.

4.A note pad:

A note pad


This might sound funny but carry a hard copy is always a better option when the battery of your phone runs out. It always help you jotting down the directions or a quick phone no.

5.Comfy shoes:



You feel like exploring the streets and all you got with you is high heels? that’s something to be concerned about. Always carry sneakers or a pair of flip-flops as they are not only comfy but add to your chick attitude.

6.A cross body purse with a zipper:

A cross body purse with a zipper


A zipper sling bag is a must on a trip. Just dump your phone, cash, and credit cards and just get going.

7.Good Conditioner:

Good Conditioner1


Different places with different air might make your hair either too fizzy or oily. So always carry some extra bottles of good conditioners.

8.Head gears

Head gears


this needs no explanation girls! Always carry extra pairs of hair bands, scarves or even a duppata would do to beat the heat.




planning your vacation in Cheerapunji, all you need to worry about is yourself getting wet from the rain. So watch out for the rain and do carry an umbrella.

10.A sun block:



A must carry item in summer is a sun block. You don’t want to get tanned and flaked skin when you are done vacationing.




a headache could just kill the fun in your trip. Don’t forget to carry some aspirins to kill some pain.

12.An Adventurous Spirit:

An Adventurous Spirit


And to top it all, an adventurous spirit to widen up your horizons and experiences.

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