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12 signs that you are a street food lover

When you can’t control your cravings for street food and when the only thought of it makes you mouth water , you are definitely a street food lover.

Here are some tell tale signs of a street food lover :

#1. Every time you feel hungry , the first thought that strikes your mind is that of having STREET FOOD.


You love it so much that you can devour it like a glutton.

#2. You know all the thella waala’s of your locality.


You have tried the street food of all the thellas in your area.

#3. You no longer care about hygiene.


You have become so fond of street food that you have stopped caring about hygiene.

#4. You have tried the street food of other localities too.


You can’t resist yourself from trying the thellas of other areas.

#5. You know the speciality every street food joint.


You have tasted each and every snacks , so you know where to get the bestest of pav-bhaji or vada pav or pani puri.

#6. You have become the STREET FOOD GURU.


People call you to know about the best street food stall , they can go to.

#7. Every thella waala is your friend and they exactly know your order


You probably have visited each stall very often that the owners know you quite well.

#8. You end up spending less on food.


As street food is very cheap , so you end up saving more.

#9. You have also convinced many of your ‘health freak’ friends to try street food.


Your favorite hang out place is any street food joint , so your friends also start liking it.

#10. Every time you go out , you have to have street food.


You can’t control yourself from having street food whenever you go out from home.

#11. You can’t imagine your life without street food.


Street food kinds of add masala to your monotonous life.

#12. It satiates you better than any cheese burst of masala grill.


Nothing can compete the street food.



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