12 Reasons Why A Girl Must Date An Anti-Social Guy

Like it’s rightly said,”Behind every successful man is a beautiful women” similarly “Behind every successful relationship is a guy who is not so social.” However a rare case to find a gem of a man like this, but girls if you get one I bet you’re the luckiest one out there. Check out why I say so:

1. No Cheating:

No Cheating

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Girls chill the peeps. You are the most lucky female on the planet. The scope of being cheated simply does not exists in your relationship.

2. Too much technology is probably bad:

Too much technology is probably bad

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I would sleep the happiest night of my life if I did not have to fear any mind shaking updates from my guy. Girl you are lucky if you’re guy is not on facebook.

3. Proud to be a shopaholic:

Proud to be a shopaholic

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Well sometimes ‘like attracts like’ and BINGO if your guy too loves to shop. Buying a dress of his choice with him – what an exotic date that would be. Isn’t?

4. That RESPECT:


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you guys have your own spaces and respect it wildly and completely. SALUTE to it!

5. “Kooch toofani karte hai” :

Kooch toofani karte hai

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There is a lot of space for new things, adventure , sportiness and not just parties,bars,discs and lounges.

6. “Yo Broda! Wassup” :

Yo Broda Wassup

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You have all his attention because the rest of the girls are simply broda’s to him .

7. The looks to kill:

The looks to kill

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Well, Well. I would simply droll on the thought of an anti-social guy wearing torn jeans and a loose kurta because he just doesn’t care about the world. What do you think girls?

8. Too much romance:

Too much romance

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He might not text you and give you roses on every occasion but a slight smile on his face the moment he sees you would be worth not getting those roses.



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He would be the last person to doubt you even if it is your mistake.

Damn! When will I ever have a guy like that?

10. Secretive! No offence:

Secretive No offence

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Your relationship is a secret affair not because he doesn’t want others to know about you but just because that’s the way he wants it to be. Minding one’s business you see.

11. Counselor:


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Dating an anti-social guy is always a bliss because you get the best advises. For them the world means honesty and nothing else.

12. Possessiveness :


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Well he’s possessive about you and wants to have you all for yourself. That would be cool I guess. Someone being possessive about you after your parents. LOL!