Naseeruddin Shah is one of the beloved actors of Bollywood. He had a strong background in theatre and it is very much visible in his acts. He has given lifetime blockbusters and has a charming personality with lot of talent..

Famous Quotes by Naseeruddin Shah

Here are some of his quotes that make it clear that no one can beat him when it comes to charming personality and acting.

#1. Nothing has changed in Bollywood. It is the same it was 50 years ago. The photography and editing is better but the subjects are as puerile as they were in the 70’s

#2. I do plays I feel like doing. I do the kind of theatre I do because it give me immense pleasure.

#3. I would like to teach Shakespeare in schools. But, the problem is that if I approach a school here they will be suspicious about my motive.

#4. I feel the wrinkles on a man’s face become more prominent when you dye your hair.

#5. I have been grappling for years with the question of whether experiencing difficulty dealing with real life is what drives people to become actors.

#6. There is no such thing as talent but there is such a thing as lack of talent, and lack of talent occurs when one’s not in one’s right place.

#7. Theatre takes you into a world where your imagination is stimulated, your judgement is unimpaired, and thus your enjoyment heightened.

#8. My only reason for watching Hindi potboilers now is to catch the subtexts passing between the actors.

#9. I learnt later of course that the ‘unconventional actor’ had been their third or fourth choice and he was only cast when the stars they wanted turned down the part.

#10. The finest definition of theatre that I have come across is ‘one actor-one audience’.

#11. I like people who are politically incorrect. I like people who are outrageous.

#12. I don’t owe the film industry anything. I didn’t start my career with them. They come to me when they need and actor who can deliver the goods.

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