Individuals who call us “feminazis,” and think gender equality and women’s liberation are not a similar thing, trust that ladies are endeavoring to assume control over the world and devastate everything with a penis. That is the response that a lady requesting measure up to rights gets. This is the reason it’s nothing unexpected that women’s liberation, at any rate in its straightforward frame, is a moderately new marvel in the Center East, particularly in severe Saudi Arabia.

In a country where ladies are not permitted to drive or take any choices about their lives without the endorsement of a man, women’s activists have it harder than anyplace else on the planet. That is the reason artists like Hala Abdullah are so essential for any kind of advance in Saudi Arabia. It takes fearlessness to discuss correspondence and to incite ladies to battle for their rights in a situation so unfriendly that ladies can be captured for going out openly without a cloak.

Here are 12 quotes by Hala Abdullah which will give you a concise look into a Saudi lady’s life and the long battle in front of them.