Have you at any point experienced an extreme separation, like a sudden minute when an odd torment begins desensitizing all parts of your body?

Did you see it coming or would you say it was sudden? All things considered, it doesn’t make a difference, since breakups are hard… and sometimes, even horror.

Indeed, it isn’t us saying this. It is these disastrous separation stories we read on Quora.
Have a look:

“I always tried to take her problems as mine so that she can be fine. However, during our exam time, she started behaving awkwardly. I asked her, but she denied. I pressed her few times, and finally, she told it was her ex because of which she is all confused about me. She even said she don’t want to be in any relationship with me.

I was shocked and broken. I asked her then why she agreed at first place. She said that she just needed refreshment to get out of her ex.

She then accused me of being an immature person and held me guilty that it was me who made her life miserable.

Some people think that saying a few harsh words to other people will give them peace, but it’s not true.”

“Me – What is it?

She – We gotta concentrate on our lives, as separate individuals.

Me – We’re doing that, aren’t we? What do you mean?

She – No, Simply put, we gotta break up.

Me, laughing, cause I didn’t know she was serious – What are you talking?

She – I’m asking you to leave me alone and move on with your life.

My friend was waiting for me on his bike, who was my classmate from school, so she knew him well.

He asked, ‘What happened?’

I shrugged and replied, ‘She says she wants to break-up.’

Meanwhile, she replied, ‘Yes, I don’t know any person by this name from today.’

That one sentence broke what control I had on me. It was hard to listen to those words from her, who I thought to be one of the most important persons in my life. Almost instantly, I got a huge lump in my throat which was hard to control. I could not stand there for long, how could I? I asked my friend to drop me home ASAP and he did not speak while we were going back.”

“This happened just a month before my semester exams. I went berserk. I called him innumerable times but he kept disconnecting.

One of the few times that he picked up, I explained how much I loved him and also asked him the reason for deserting me, but he had absolutely no reason to give me. I cried, but he was adamant and told me not to keep calling. I sent essay-like messages illustrating my unbound love for him, but absolutely nothing worked.

After all, all I was asking for was commitment. Why did he have to get so worked up about it? And his way of breaking up over an “SMS” was simply not acceptable to me. I kept blaming myself for pushing him into commitment, but at the same time I felt he could have explained it to me in a better way.”

“The love and the affection went missing all of a sudden. It hurt a lot, but I chose to stay quiet forcing myself to think that it was nothing and I was just over thinking things. And then one fine night he dropped the bomb.

Quoting his text: I want to confess something. I guess I’ve lost interest in you. It doesn’t feel the same anymore. Your problems don’t feel like mine now. I’m not concerned about you like I used to be at one point in time. I forget talking to you, calling you or texting you and it doesn’t even make any difference to me.”

“I have an important meeting with my director the next day, and he says he wants to end it. Am clueless, and I couldn’t think. Was not able to concentrate on anything. I was a star developer for my team and because of my lack of concentration threat of critical issues crawled in. I was left stranded.

I was on the roads at 11 and called him for a drop as I was in a new city and knew no one else, but he didn’t pick up my calls. Then I realized I should be on my own. I had worked for his development instead of mine. I died of guilt every day for the next two months.”

“When I reached Delhi without informing her, I called her friend. Her friend said She would be in a nearby shopping mall in KFC. I went there, with flowers and gifts. I entered KFC and was shocked. It was the worst moment of my life. Couldn’t move my leg, couldn’t cry, could not say anything. She was in a compromised position with a bodybuilder type of guy. Later I came to know that the guy is her gym trainer. I kept the flowers, gifts and everything on the table, wished her advance birthday wishes, and ran away.”

“He used to get overprotective of me, making me unable to have fun with my friends. Even talking with my classmate who is of opposite gender fuels his jealousy. We will fight and argue with each other every day, and I will cry after the fight.

My mother was very worried and upset with my body state, looking like walking dead every morning. I tried my best to remain composure during my studies and my internship, but luckily all went well.

So I told him that I want to break up with him, and of course, he didn’t take it well. Instead of arguing with him, I just ignored his text and called for a few weeks.”

“I fell hard for a man with kids. But him being a father got in the way. Everything had to be scheduled around his schedule, which was scheduled around his kids’ schedule. He sadly confessed to me that even though he loved me, he would never be able to be there for me in the way I needed. His kids would always come first. So we parted ways, sadly and tearfully. I couldn’t even speak with him for a very long time. I wasn’t angry, I was just heartbroken.

Like my mom said (and she was right), “Honey, his priorities changed, and yours didn’t.” Sums it up.”

“ME: Any problem?SHE: Let’s discuss it in the call.

ME: You’re scaring me, tell me what’s wrong?

SHE: I want this relationship to end.

This came out of the blue for me; I managed to control my shock

ME: Did your parents say anything? Trust me; I’ll make them agree, I’ll make everything alright.

SHE: They don’t know about you yet.

ME: Then?

SHE: I love someone else, he proposed me two days ago, and I said yes.”

“I was angry at something.

She was dumb as usual.

I called a taxi; she sat in it, I told the taxi driver to drop her to her uncle’s place near aerodrome.

She was crying, didn’t have a clue what to do; she was so innocent.

The taxi left.

That was the last time I saw her.

Still, love her, and I have no idea how things got out of control so much that I let her go.

Now I die every day for just one glance of her, to hear her voice.

But it’s not possible now.

I repent. It’s the worst feeling.

I m living. Yes, I’m living, but always without her.

It’s painful.

All I want is just one day with her, to do everything I couldn’t do for her because of less money.

But now I have a lot of money n time too, but she’s not here.

Yes it’s painful.”

“She: “I don’t feel anything for you now.”

Me: “Why? C’mon give your hand! You will feel better.”

She: “I will feel uncomfortable… I feel stressed thinking about you.”

My world came crashing down.

Such harsh words from “a person who meant me my life” were the last thing expected…”

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“I asked her what the problem is? Why is she behaving so weirdly? Why is she ignoring my calls?

And her response in straight one line “I think I am losing interest in you!”

I was like ?? Why? Did I want a reason?

“Just like that…” was all she said.

I was done, I never expected this. I disconnected the call never to call her back.”