Indra Nooyi was born to Tamil family in Chennai in 1995, an ordinary girl who was born in India. But she always knew what she wanted to become in life and decided to become extraordinary. Indra is the CEO of one of the largest brand called, Pepsico. She has additionally been named the second most intense businesswoman on the planet in Fortune’s magazine of most powerful individuals in 2017. She always keeps her values and principles before everything else. Indra is regarded and respected by the corporate and business world, for her authority as well as for her devotion and sense of duty regarding improving the world a place. Her prosperity, from Chennai to IIM Kolkata to Yale, and to the leader of a goliath multinational company is completely rousing.

Here are some of her quotes that will let you dream big.

#1. Please help others rise. Greatness comes not from a position, but from helping build the future. We have an obligation to pull others up.

#2. I have an immigrant mentality, which is that the job can be taken away at any time, so make sure you earn it every day.

#3. Stay calm during turbulent times.

#4. Remain a lifelong student. Don’t lose that curiosity.

#5. Leadership is hard to define and good leadership even harder. But if you can get people to follow you to the ends of the earth, you are a great leader.

#6. I’m very honest – brutally honest. I always look at things from their point of view as well as mine. And I know when to walk away.

#7. Bring together what is good for business with what is good for the world.

#8. I asked my parents for permission to study in america and they were so sure that I wouldn’t get in and get a scholarship that they encouraged me to try. So I applied to Yale and got an excellent scholarship.

#9. Whatever you do, throw yourself into it. Throw your head, heart, and hands into it.

#10. In the end, no matter how much money you make and how much success you create, what you are left with is family, friends, and faith.

#11. Pepsi-Co did not have a woman in the senior ranks, nor a foreign – born person who was willing to think differently.

#12. You cannot deliver value unless you anchor the company’s values. Values make an unsinkable ship.