Humiliating stains on your T-shirt, sniffing somebody’s bum to check in the event that he has crapped, the principal sex subsequent to conceiving an offspring… as a youthful mum your life flips around. This toon arrangement imagines these relatable circumstances divertingly.

Artist Ingebritt ter Veld and Corinne de Vries had babies not long after each other. Their pregnancies and first months as mothers propelled these toons. As a youthful mother you without a doubt perceive the drawings of circumstances each mother experiences amid pregnancy and after labor – yet those encounters are not generally discussed. With the arrangement “#thingsonlymomsknow” Ingebritt and Corinne need to delineate the truth of parenthood – with all the (occasionally actually) agonizing, amusing and adoring minutes.

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Expand & Deflate(1/12)


How (not) To Sleep While Pregnant(3/12)


Peeps Who Give You The Creeps(5/12)

Pumping Madness(6/12)

Disgusting Things You Do(7/12)

Postpartum One Word Horror Stories(8/12)


Cry Baby(10/12)

Things You Are Afraid Of(11/12)

Memorable Firsts(12/12)