Have you ever handled DRUKEN GIRL? I personally believe there is just a new side of a girl when she gets drunk. Here are 11 types of girls you will come across :-

1. The one who gets emotional

The one who gets emotional

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“Aaawwww, you are my best friend.” These girls just can over-react to any damn thing you do for them when they are drunk. That time they will express how special they are to you.

2. The one who can’t stop crying.

The one who cant stop crying

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“He left me for that bitch” another sob fest.

3. The one who can’t stop laughing.

The one who cant stop laughing

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It’s like she just doesn’t have a stop button.

4. The one who always pukes.

The one who always pukes

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She will puke anywhere and everywhere.

5. The one who drunk dials

The one who drunk dials

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She will send “I miss you” text to her ex or call him and tell him that he is a bastard. If you are a friend please keep the phone away from her if you can.

6. The one who can’t stop dancing

The one who cant stop dancing1

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Ah! The dancer. Amazing you will see the mix of chand baby and shakira’s hips don’t lie.

7. The one who disappears

The one who disappears

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I have no idea where all they go but some just are nowhere to been.
P.s. check the washroom

8. The one who makes out

The one who makes out

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Ya guys, girls get horny when drunk. Handle with care!

9. The one who never accepts

The one who never accepts

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“No no no, I am fine. I am not drunk.” And she just can’t stand still.

10. The one who pretends she is high but she isn’t

The one who pretends she is high but she isnt

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We have a pretender to, she will do stuff to grab that attention. But trust me she knows what she is doing.

11. The one who starts talking.

The one who starts talking

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Oh god! She just can’t shut up. They are the most dangerous because she reveals all the secrets after she is drunk. Be careful

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