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11 things we’ll never admit to our parents

We all hope that we’ll make our parents proud and that they will rejoice in our successes. But there are some things we always keep a secret from them.

#1 We’re trying with all our energy to always look and behave like responsible, independent adults.

#2 Sometimes we really feel like retreating to our childhood.

#3 We’re embarrassed to watch romantic scenes in movies with them sitting beside us.

#4 We want them to be proud of us.

#5 It was us that broke that vase. Sorry, Mom!

#6 We knew long ago that there was no such thing as Santa Claus, but we liked playing along.

#7 We’re embarrassed to talk about what’s really important.

#8 Sometimes we hide something in order to avoid upsetting them.

#9 Those hats they made for us spent less than five minutes a day on our heads.

#10 Sometimes it’s hard for us to admit we were wrong.

#11 We really miss you, but we’re too embarrassed to say so.




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