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11 signs that you are a die hard coffee lover

There are some people who can’t  even imagine their life without coffee. It becomes an indispensable part of them. They can drink countless  cups of coffee without realizing. Coffee becomes the first love of their life.

Here are some points which coffee lovers can relate to.

1. Your day starts with a Bed *COFFEE*.


you can’t wake up  without having a cup of coffee.

2. Books along with coffee becomes your favorite past time.


Most  of the book lovers can’t imagine reading a book without drinking a cup of coffee.

3. Coffee becomes your stress-buster.


A cup of coffee becomes the remedy for all your problems.

4. The only thing you are good at kitchen – “Making a Coffee”.


The only ingredients you know in the kitchen is coffee , milk and sugar.

5.  Starbucks, CCD becomes your favorite hang out places.


Every time you wan’t to have a get together or a chit chat with your friends , you prefer a coffee joint

6. You know the best coffee joint in your area


You have checked out almost all the coffee joints in your locality , so you the best of them.

7. When you meet someone who doesn’t like coffee ,


you feel like “Arghhhh”Like seriously?

8. You start thinking that you are the Best Coffee Maker.


you know the exact width of the froth and perfect smell of the coffee.

9. Your never miss your 00.00 AM Coffee.


If you are a night person , having coffee at 12:00 AM becomes your habit.

10. Coffee becomes a drug for you.


You atleast have 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day.

11. The only thing you relish in winters is a cup of coffee.


Your only savior in the chilly winters is coffee.




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