Demands are everywhere around us…. Just like demands made before purchasing any item, in same way to form a boyfriend to be yours, every Girl is now going to meet certain demands coz a boyfriend is now replaced with an ITEM… That time is now not more, when a Girl is count as an Item… Time has changed a lot guys….
Let meet with some demands of a CHIGGY WIGGY……!

1.Gifts Gifts n Gifts… Teddy’s Chocolates…..

Gifts Gifts n Gifts Teddys Chocolates

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Every girl feels incomplete without gifts. Just like every other boyfriend, she wanted her boyfriend will give her gifts each n every time whenever possible… So that she got an opportunity to show off in front of her friends- “ye mje mere boyfriend ne dia h, pyara h na….!!
So dear boys, spare your wallet now ASAP…… She is waiting…… Wait!!! Do have a look on Teddy Bear n chocolates…. It’s definitely works……

2.Hawww… Where is Good morning/Night Message?????

Hawww Where is Good morning Night Message

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Every other girl wants that her inbox of her one of the most important communicative device is full of Good morning and good night messages… If someone forgot to wish good morning to her, then for sure his morning is going to be bad, in fact worst than worst…..!
Kha ho subh se?? Kha the ab tk?? Ek morning msg krne ka b time ni mila tume….?
Hey, never forgot to text her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.Apology from bechara boy is very important… Very much

Apology from bechara boy is very important

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Mr Right have to apologize after every fight, whether he is right or wrong… If someone wants a smooth n silky life, then please do apologize… Kyuki agr bat krni h pyar se to mafi manglo, wrna pyar to kya, kb tk bat ni hogi iski calculation khud krlo beta… Is bhane maths b improve hojaega…!

4.I am upset, he even didn’t notice..!

I am upset he even didnt notice

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Subh se m preshan hu or tmne ek b bar puchne ki jrurat ni smjhi. Tme meri koi chinta hi ni h. Hoping this line is very familiar to every boyfriend.. Hr dusre din sunne ko milti h kya????
Not done, your girlfriend is upset and u didn’t ask her even for a once… U should… In fact you have to…. And if you don’t then you know the result… Prepare for it…

5.Adar and Samman is needed badly…

Adar and Samman is needed badly

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He should be too respectable towards her partner.
Give her respect always but do remember one thing, public place is that place where one can show it badly coz at that time if someone is noticing him, he for sure become a hero as- “ Wo dekho, yar kiti respect dera h apni Girlfriend ko, tmne di h kya kbi aj tk.. Kita descent ldka h yar.. So sweet!!!”
Boys, come on….. You want to listen this particular line again in life…. Nope na…. So start giving respect to her… She is ur soul-mate yar……

6.She likes cuddling too much!!!!

She likes cuddling too much

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Affectionate embrace is very important… She always wants your hugs and arms around her… Every girl want that her beloved one hugs him… The feeling of a hug is non-explanatory…… Out of the world…
Go for it… Cuddling increase love and affection between both of u…..

7.I don’t want a clingy one…

I dont want a clingy one

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Possessiveness is the word from which everyone is afraid of, especially a girl… None of a girl wants a possessive boyfriend… And over possessive= never ever in life….
Yha mt jana, wha mt jana… Avoid all this Mr… She is mature enough that’s why she is with u… Mind it, it’s a major demand of a girlfriend!

8.Suno!!! Mere pas ye bhi ni h, wo b ni h……………

Whenever these types of complaints are made to a boy

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Baby… Mera phn purana hogya h.
Darling… Sari dresses to m phan chuki hu wha pe, aj kya phan k jau?????

Whenever these types of complaints are made to a boy, than just like autonomous system, just understand she is demanding for new dress or a new mobile or anything else… This is her way yar… Jst chill out. Start collecting ur pocket money for a new
Mobile phone……!!!!!

9.Outing, Movies…… Girl can’t live without these

Outing Movies Girl cant live without these

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My favorite hero’s muvi is releasing this Friday, mje dekhni hi dekhni h….
Hm log kite time se khi ghumne gae h kya, ita sa b time spend kia h kya hmne akele??????
Always try to overflow your pockets with bundle of a unique paper… No no, not a Dollar, Indian rupee will also work….!! Jrurat pdegi inki, jb muvi dekhne jana hoga….. 
Want to complete your girlfriend each n every demand, then never forget to ask her for a romantic date or a movie… Compulsory h yar……

10.Will kiss me, not make out….. Blushing…!!!

Will kiss me not make out Blushing

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Whenever it comes to a kiss or sharing some lovable movement, she always wants that boy take an initiative towards it….. Not only yours, every other girl wanted this…. Beta ye tmri soul-mate ki demand me hi ata h, lekin problem ye ati h k wo khud se share ni kr pati easily..
So if u going to make a girlfriend, keep this in mind…

11.U never gives me compliments… How bla….??

U never gives me compliments How bla

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Compliments make her blush and happy every time…
Everyone is liar, definitely a boyfriend always give compliments to other girls but never to his own….
Hey!!! For what u are waiting for…. Fighting???
Kbi mje compliments ni dete, chahe m kuch kru, kiti achi kyu na lgu… Dusri ldkio ko dekhne se fursat milegi tb to mje compliment doge….